zero contact review movie (2022)

zero contact review

Zero Contact: A Token of Time

Thriller directed by Ben Young, based on the novel by John Dugdale, and stars Anthony Hopkins as a mad scientist. It was previously available as an NFT.zero contact review movie (2022)

It seems that director Rick Dugdale is the man for innovation. While many people are still figuring out how to make sourdough in May 2020, Dugdale has begun filming the tech thriller “Zero Contact” via Zoom. Last year, McQueen released the film as a cryptic token. “Zero Contact” features Anthony Hopkins as Finley Hart, a secret engineer and genius who is presumed dead in the opening sequence. Hart left hours of video diaries with zigzag sequences that appeared to be semi-improvised monologueszero contact review movie

This is the story of a scientist, on a night out, he is fascinated by the strange phenomena around him. You can see more of that movie at https://cinemahdv2.net/

Anthony Hopkins

Hart spent years improving teleportation technology before his death. If the machine he left behind explodes, terrible things will happen. The pretentious thing is to let this time bomb plot play out on the computer screen. During an emergency virtual meeting, an unknown agent spied on Hart’s estranged son (Chris Brochu) and spooked former employees, gaining access to his cell phones and security cameras. surname. The image would be interrupted every few seconds, seemingly with extra noise.

Lilly Krug

There’s something wonderful about watching Hopkins, the 10-year-old star, learn to use technology to film himself without the need for a conventional flight crew. Indeed, the behind-the-scenes plots of the film’s ending are just as compelling as its story. “It’s on my left?” Hopkins asked, pointing to a corner of his videoconference screen. “Hey, I’m sorry if I got too bouncy with your post!” he exclaimed when Cannon revealed himself

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Chris Brochu



Directed by Rick Dugdale
Written by Cam Cannon
Produced by Peter Toumasis Rick Dugdale Cam Cannon
Starring Anthony Hopkins Chris Brochu Aleks Paunovic Veronica Ferres
Release dates September 24, 2021 (International)
May 27, 2022 (United States)
Country United States
Language English

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