Yanks Movie Review – directed by John Schlesinger

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In this film, two soldiers find themselves caught up in an England at war. They’re American Matt (Richard Gere) and John who have been stationed overseas for much of their lives to date, yet they are faced with a moral dilemma when becoming involved with women from different cultures than theirs-a girl named Jean (Lisa Eichhorn).

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Initial release: September 19, 1979
Director: John Schlesinger
Music composed by: Richard Rodney Bennett
Awards: BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role,
Nominations: Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture – Drama,
Screenplay: Colin Welland, Walter Bernstein


Then there’s also another character named Helen but she doesn’t seem like your average romance heroine because instead of being elegant or glamorous–she works as hard maintaining domesticity back home while waiting out all thesefredaded love affairs between Londoners herself included!

The winter of 1943 sees thousands of American troops arrive in Yorkshire for maneuvers for the Normandy invasion. Most are far away from home and have never been so lonely before but this time it’s different because these soldiers will be risking their lives on behalf of others which makes them feel like important people at last! In “The Paths Of Three”, we follow three brave heroes as they try hard not only to make friends with each other when there isn’t much else going right during WWII!

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Love stories abound in this war-torn film. A Chick Venneral, privateer extraordinaire meets and falls for a cute bus conductor named Annie Ross while her friend Matt becomes infatuated with Jean who owns a fashionable boutique shop near where they live together as husband and wife; meanwhile seas John forms friendships alongside Helen after she hires him when his unit is sent out on missions too difficult for even them to handle without help from someone else.

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In Jean’s world, love is not always easy. The pressures of wartime make it more difficult for her to understand what she wants from the relationship and how much Matt cares about their future together as a couple – even with his charm he still finds himself on an uphill battle against parental approval (Rachel Roberts) or affectionate feelings toward Lisa Eichhorn’s puritanical mother who simply cannot see past social norms when assessing potential spouses.

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Helen’s portrait is equally impressive. She called upon John for advice regarding her son who was dissatisfied with a private school and found herself drawn to him sexually, in both situations passing over previously made commitments out of loneliness.

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Yanks is a heart-wrenching melodrama that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The only real dramatic incident in this film happens when an African American soldier crosses racial lines and dances with English girls at New Year’s Eve party, but it isn’t enough for director Schlesinger who also manages to keep us invested by giving great characters and leisurely pace!

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