What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Review Movie (1962)

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Review Movie

The staircase should be charged in conjunction with the stars of Robert Aldrich’s “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” In this 1962 classic set in a small Southern town, the film follows two sisters confined to an upstairs room. The film uses minimal camera movement and modest lighting works for subdued drama. The two sisters live in a “mansion” that supposedly once belonged to Valentino, which is sandwiched between nosy neighbors and appears to include only a living room, kitchen, hallway, and bedroom for each sister. In this hothouse, a decades-old rivalry erupts into violence, one of Hollywood’s finest gothic grotesqueries.What Ever Happened to Baby Jane

Bette and Joan Davis played the roles of Mary-Liz and Joanna in this film noir. The casting is one of the film’s most important achievements, and it’s difficult to understand how Aldrich persuaded the two divas to share screen time. They’ve been rivals for so long that many would say they despise each other in person. They have always been competitive, vain, and touchy, and contrary to popular belief, they despised one another as people in real life. Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud (1989) is the story of their mutual hatred. It’s stated on IMDb that during Jane’s kick to the helpless Blanche, Davis kicked Crawford so violently that she required stitches. This is most likely an urban legend given that real physical contact happens behind the frame, and Crawford would not have been.

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The rivalry between them was well-documented; the fact that they agreed to appear in the film only because she was envious of his bigger role is, in and of itself, an urban legend. In the end, it was Davis who triumphed, winning an Oscar nomination as the former child star who had transformed into a fierce gargoyle with makeup all over her face. In “The Last Word,” Lily Tomlin plays a celebrity journalist who returns to her roots in rural Missouri, where she is slowly discovering what it means to be a woman. She was nothing if not brave, as she abandoned all vestiges of vanity and overacted her heart out. Crawford’s role, by contrast, is more subdued and gentle.What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Review

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The film begins in the days of vaudeville, when Baby Jane Hudson was a child star renowned for her saccharine rendition of “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy,” which she kisses and sends up to heaven. In the years before her death, Blanche was a spoiled monster who screamed for ice cream and ridiculed her plain sister Jane. But it’s Blanche who becomes Hollywood royalty in their twenties, while Jane’s appeal wanes. When their automobile crushes Blanche against a gate, paralyzing her from the waist down, their lives are transformed.

Why she is put in charge of her sister’s “care” is perplexing, despite a few muttered words about a studio “cover-up.” Jane subsequently took control of the situation, with Blanche confined to a wheelchair in an upstairs bedroom and Blanche powerless. Jane has two connections with the rest of the world: her phone and their pleasant housekeeper, Elvira (Maidie Norman). However, as Jane’s hatred for Blanche grows more poisonous, she pulls out the phone and dispatches Elvira away. When Elvira attempts to return, Jane beats her.

“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” begins to resemble a genuine psychological horror tale at some point during its descent into lunacy. “That’s what I’m telling you,” says Mirren’s character, as she and her sister-in-law work out their chomping jaws problem over coffee in the kitchen of her sister’s home. In “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy,” which was based on Maine Coon, Elizabeth Bates’ neurotic and self-centered attitude is highlighted through her strange adult performance. It also shows in her interactions with an odd gentleman caller, Edwin Flagg (Victor Buono), who she wants to hire as a pianist to accompany her during. She thinks Edwin is interested in her, when he is not. “I’ve heard about actors being asked ‘Why haven’t you ever married?’ They say, ‘I just haven’t found the right woman,’ ” the real Buono once said.). In “Last of the Wilds,” I’m sitting here with my elderly mother, Marjorie Bennett. Women who are re-connected feel such joy at being together again! (However, in no situation should you expect a daughter to accept anything less than what she feels entitled to.) In contrast, two female characters—Edwin’s old flame.

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Blanche’s situation deteriorates as she attempts to communicate with their next-door neighbor on the downstairs level. She throws a note towards their adjacent property, but Jane finds it in the driveway. Elvira is her last hope, but Jane drives her off. She drags her chair to the top of the sweeping staircase, which appears dangerously high. Her suffering is only beginning. I will not tell you what her sister served her for breakfast one day, but the next, when she complains of hunger, Jane replies, “You’re not getting your breakfast because you didn’t eat your din-din.” We gawk with as much horror as Blanche at the silver dome that hides whatever it is.



Director:Robert Aldrich
Writers:Henry Farrell(from the novel by)Lukas Heller(screenplay)
Stars:Bette DavisJoan CrawfordVictor Buono

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