Visithiran (2022) movie review | by Director: M.Padmakumar

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The new Vichithiran movie is a remake of Joju George’s Malayalam film Joseph and it has been choreographed with care. The director RK Suresh doesn’t add any commercial ingredients in this version, which makes for an authentic experience as opposed to other films that try too hard at being liked by everyone worldwide!

Following the death of his daughter and subsequent divorce from Stella, a depressed Maayan is forced to take up VRS in order for him not to be alone. But when he meets an attractive contractor named Rinky (Tara AlTehan), she helps heal some wounds while also giving life again through their relationship but will it last? As we watch this unlikely pair fall deeply into love over time; one thing becomes clear: It isn’t just them who needs saving everyone has something worth protecting!

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Release date: May 20, 2022 (India)
Director: M. Padmakumar
Music composed by: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Producer: Bala
Production company: B Studios
Screenplay: John Mahendran

In a movie about the Occupied Territories, it’s difficult not to mention Israel. The story follows Maayan and his family as they are faced with tragedy when he finds out that Stella has been admitted into hospital due to an accident-a revelation which brings back memories from before she died for him; now both scenes feel similar in some ways. As you would expect from such emotionally charged material though there is much more than just this at play here: what happens next changes everything we thought knew about events leading up until then!

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Vichithran is a film about the dark underbelly of medicine and its association with crime. The protagonist, who was once addicted to drugs like heroin himself showcases how he turned his life around by becoming an anti-narcotics agent now working against those very same criminals that Once were members of this circle.

The reason behind their separation could have been stronger and that would’ve helped us feel for his suffering. We are not allowed to immerse ourselves in what he’s going through, instead, the film moves towards an investigation as if this were something serious enough without including any emotions involved or developed over time through storytelling techniques such as character development (which can make audiences care more).

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The intense performance of RK Suresh in the Tamil version is very evident. He seems to have done a lot for this film, which has won him many awards and also made it onto lists with other great performances like Naan Sigappu Manithaadram (2009). His wife Poorna plays an important role as his character’s mother; she holds up well during scenes that require younger-looking actresses or ones who need more screen time than they’re given here–I think you’ll agree once we talk about how good these two actors are!

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The film is set in the backdrop of Chennai and its fps feels deeply rooted there. Cinematographer Vetrivel Mahendran, who also headed this venture has done an adequate job capturing compelling visuals that are true to his lenses’ signature aesthetic while composer GV Prakash strikes just the right notes when it comes down to having heartwarming moments amidst all these thrillers happening across screens during screenings everywhere else but at home with loved ones by your side!

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