Vezham (2022) Movie Review

vezham review movie 2022

Vezham Movie Review: A dull revenge tale with clunky writing

The film begins with a young couple, Ashok (Ashok Selvan) and Leena (Iswarya Menon), riding a bike on a mountain while an off-screen news broadcast of a serial killer is heard. They see a car abandoned in the middle of the road, and he is suddenly hit on the head with someone throwing a mask over his face. The film flashes back several years to show that they were murdered by the serial killer. While Ashok has evaded death, Leena was less fortunate. Now that he’s alive, Ashok is on the hunt for the murderer’s identity. All he has to go on is his voice! Is it possible for him to track down the criminals?

vezham review movie

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Director: Sandeep Shyam

Stars: Janani Iyer, Iswarya Menon, Ashok Selvan

Vezham, on the other hand, is a mood-driven thriller that wants to be more than that, but its confusing script frequently spoils the dark and melancholy atmosphere it was going for. The film has an unique look about it – the art direction, costumes, and makeup create an air of opulence that we see in TV commercials. The muted colors in the filmic shots add a level of sophistication, as does the music. The songs are breezy and pleasant to listen to without being too memorable, and the score is understated but effective. Director Sandeep Shyam even attempts an homage to Mani Ratnam with a mirror scene!

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Despite the fact that this list is far from complete, it does offer a sense of what fascinating ideas and innovative ways to tell stories haven’t yet been taken advantage of in live-action feature films (particularly since so many people are living their own lives right now).However, despite all these ambitions in filmmaking, the writing is dull. The elegance in the film keeps the characters at a distance from us. The actors, too, appear to be aware of maintaining a low-key tone throughout the film. We never see Ashok Selvan’s simmering fury other than when he howls in rage once or twice. Iswarya and Janani are only required to smile and gawk at Ashok with star-struck eyes, although they do so frequently.


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The worst part is the ineffective antagonists. In fact, there are too many villains and none of them feel like real threats. They get disposed of so easily that we end up feeling as unsatisfied as Ashok after he has gotten his revenge.

4.3/5 - Movie Rating!
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