Uniki – Movie Review

Uniki - Movie Review cinema hd v2

Natakam Fame Ashish Gandhi and Rangularatnam fame Chitra Shukla made a film entitled Uniki, which was directed by Bobby and is releasing today. Let’s see how this movie does.

Uniki - Movie Review

Uniki – Movie Review

Subbalakshmi is a local girl who does her village proud after passing the UPSC examinations and being promoted to the district collector for Kakinada. From the start, she means business, putting an end to corrupt practices within her office, standing up for those in need, free of the constraints imposed by goons, politicians, and other prominent folks. Subbalakshmi is attacked by an unknown assailant but manages to escape. Abhimanyu and Ajay, both police officers, work tirelessly to catch the perpetrator. Will they be successful?

Uniki is a film that falls short of creating a powerful character, instead opting to make the protagonist seem grandiose and one-dimensional. With an overenthusiastic background score, Subbalakshmi comes off more as though she’s trying to imitate a theatre actor than be a collector. She spouts cliche motivational one-liners and warnings incessantly throughout the film. Uniki could have been a successful film if it wasn’t all over the place. The cops are hunting for a man who nearly murders Subbalakshmi, but Uniki squanders the opportunity to keep the viewer guessing. In addition, the movie has awful character development and terrible dialogue.

Uniki - Movie Review cinema hd v2

Subbalakshmi’s story begins with her father strutting through their village, bragging that his daughter is now a collector. Subbalakshmi knows only of her duty or position. she immediately delivers justice to anyone who needs it and is somewhat of a savior. When she was attacked, everyone came to her aid and wish her a speedy recovery. The cops were frantic about not finding the attacker, but eventually, they catch the culprit. The first half of the movie is about the cops eliminating suspects from their list, and the latter half is a teenage love story between a cop and a collector.

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There’s a twist you would’ve guessed from a distance, and the search for the attacker continues later. Uniki has trouble establishing its characters, ambiance, and a thriller that lasts two hours with zero tension in the story. Pointless flashbacks, lengthy conversations, a police station comedy sequence and frequent interruptions break apart the tale beyond repair.

The conclusion reflects the heightened egos and insecurities among family members who can’t understand each other’s development. It’s an interesting concept, but before you digest it, Uniki abruptly ends. The flashback episode in the second hour is a complete failure that doesn’t contribute anything to the plot. Rajkumar Bobby’s filmmaking style and treatment are outdated, and none of the characters have any personality. For a lot of time, Uniki feels like a few random scenes put together haphazardly.

Uniki Review

Chitra Shukla would be good for a fiery district collector but the one-note character is un intriguing. Ashish Gandhi’s performance is easily forgotten. Late media personality TNR has a mildly interesting role with shades of grey and he does adequately given the film’s limited scope. Appaji Ambarisha doesn’t have anything significant to offer as a melodramatic character. The comedy track with Tiktok star Durga Rao provides entertainment but significantly weakens any tension that builds.

Save yourself the trouble of watching Uniki by skipping it. The film offers nothing that would recommend it, whether it’s the performances, plot, or execution. What should have been a 30-minute short picture became a painfully elongated feature with no light at the end of the tunnel.



Rajkumar Bobby


Saradaa Syam, Bobby Yedida(story)

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Chitra Shukla, Ashish Gandhi, Darbha Appaji Ambarisha

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Movie Rating: 4.4/5


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