Trigger tamil movie review (2022) | Director: Sam Anton


This movie is about an undercover cop who has to stop the mastermind behind a child abduction racket, which will also lead him on his journey of redemption. His dad was once in law enforcement but became disabled after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease so now this guy uses what he knows and loves most – acting as both father figure and son while trying not only to hunt down criminals…but save those captured kids too!


When we hear about a daring attack on the police commissioner’s office, it brings back memories of 1993 and how things were in that year. In an interesting turn-of eventful movie called Trigger (starring Rahul Dev Shetty), he goes behind bars for something small yet crucial to running his operation from a prison cell while others carry out bigger crimes without any consequences whatsoever!

Prabha’s father Sathya Moorthy was once a cop, but he had to quit under suspicion of corruption. Nowadays his son is the do-gooder Prabhaker Captain in charge of investigating cases extrajudicially for police officers who are caught red-handed on camera performing malicious acts against citizens!

The police officer, Prabha is promoted to investigating detective and assigned to the case of child abduction. As he starts digging into it more deeply his younger brother comes looking for help from way back when their father was still alive-a Vivo crime scene that turns out not so surprising given what we know now about these people.

Sam Anton, the director of 100 and its sequel delivers an edge-of-your-seat action thriller that has enough smartness to keep you hooked. He spins his tale around deviation crime; where criminals commit major crimes by diverting law enforcement’s attention away from other smaller incidents happening at about the same time period in order to execute theirs successfully without getting caught!

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The director knows how to make us feel for his protagonist and understand what he is going through. Thanks in large part due not only to some clever writing but also to deft editing skills, we get events that happen simultaneously which generate suspense as well give these scenes some propulsion; making Ruben’s films stand out from others with their compelling storytelling abilities (even if they’re based on crimes).


Prabha is a strong female character in this film. She has many interesting relationships with others, including her brother-in-law who also lives with them, and their mother (which shows how much they love each other). The supporting cast does well too! There’s Chinni Jayanth playing one of Prabha’s team members – he gets an emotional scene where you can tell that she means so much to him; Arun Pandian brings depth as someone loses his memory due.

Though the film has its flaws, it is still an entertaining watch. The overlong action scenes and lack of imagination make for a less impressive visceral experience than movies like “I” or even would have been in terms of this genre; however, these are only minor gripes because director Sajid Khan manages to balance out all aspects well enough so that you don’t feel too let down during any portion while watching ‘Rustom’.

3/5 - Movie Rating!

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