Toscana (2022) movie review | by director Mehdi Avaz

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When a Danish chef travels to Tuscany, he meets an old friend and falls in love with the local woman who changes his perspective on life.

Netflix has just added Toscana, an exquisite Danish-language drama from Mehdi Avaz. The film stars Anders Matthesen as Theo and Cristiana Dell’Anna plays his love interest, Sophia, with Andrea Bosca penciled in for the role of Pino – all caught up within this story about how one visits their family home after losing both parents but learns more than ever before.

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Initial release: May 18, 2022
Director: Mehdi Avaz
Music composed by: Thomas Volmer Schulz
Producers: Mehdi Avaz, Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
Executive producers: Anders Matthesen, Helle Andreasen, Christoffer Jindyl, Cemille Matthesen, Jens Søgaard
Production companies: SF Studios Production, Rocket Road Pictures

Movie Rating: 5/5

In this story, we follow the brilliant yet tormented chef Theo Dahl as he travels from Denmark to Tuscany to build his father’s old castle and establish a new restaurant. His relationship with his dad wasn’t great; they never got along well when it came down to them interacting but there were some things you could say about both sides that would make anyone want more than just money out of life: The old man was mean-spirited while your typical Danish trait is bicycling through town wearing wool socks on tired feet (or so I’ve heard).

The film is a one and half hour showcase for all things food, with Danish subtitles available to cater specifically to Danes. The recipes shown in the movie have been recreated by professional chefs who travel around Europe filming each dish as it’s cooked from its original location – this means you’ll get an up-close look at some traditional delicacies that would otherwise be out-of-reach if not impossible without traveling there yourself!

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Theo’s father got a tattoo of these words inked on his skin because he wanted to live life as an “extraordinary” person. The movie, Toscana tries its best not only to make you laugh but also to show that everyone has beauty inside them and should be treated like royalty no matter what anyone else says or does about them – including themselves!

Even though Theo thought he had everything, there were still some things left wanting. He looked for his happiness in the wrong places and ended up losing sight of what made him happy – himself! Having an epiphany about how far away from being satisfied with who he used to be as a person; inspired this young entrepreneur into taking on new challenges that will allow him not only to learn more but also to share other people’s stories too through blogging or any other avenue available while inspiring them along their journey toward self-discovery.

While the movie was great in terms of culinary Show Boat, it lacked some serious things like a redemption arc and much romance has yet to be shown. It feels as if they were lovers for only one night before their story ended abruptly with no further explanation on how or why such love could exist between them?

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It’s a shame that the movie is ending because it could have been so much more. There were some beautiful shots of Italy and great cooking scenes in this film but what we got from them wasn’t very interesting or engaging – just scenery for instance? The storyline also seemed like something you can find anywhere; not unique at all! Even though I guessed most things before they happened (and there weren’t many surprises), watching these characters struggle through their love story made me feel sorry for both parties involved which makes sense considering how predictable everything turned out.

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The film is an excellent representation of Italian culture. The plot, character development, and issues surrounding the son needed more explanation; however, this did not take away from its beauty or relevance in today’s world because it still captures what so many people can relate to – love between parents & child alike!

The movie is about a man who runs away from his responsibilities and then has to face the consequences. It isn’t much of an interesting story; if you want some breathtaking scenery with amazing food in it this would be perfect for your viewing pleasure!

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5/5 - Movie Rating!

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