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The movie “Toolsidas Junior” is about a young man who wants to become like his father. The story follows Midi as he trains and practices for hours on end, just so that one day they can share the same proudly worn uniform shirt at an event together. This film shows how hard work pays off when you’re dedicated; it also teaches children that there are no limits if your dream has twice as much passion behind its pursuit!

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Initial release: March 4, 2022
Director: Mridul Mahendra
Distributed by: T-Series, AA Films

The 1994 World Snooker Championship was held in Calcutta and Rajiv Kapoor’s son, Toolsidas had one goal – to defeat the five-time champion, Jimmy Tandon. He assured his adolescent son Midi that the trophy would come home this time as they were playing for their country but sadly it wasn’t meant to be; devastated by what happened on the TV screen before them during the finals match between India & American players where eventually loses against big names like Stephen King( whom we all know today).

The young lad’s enthusiasm and dedication to the game lead him to join a local club, where he meets Mohd Salaam (Sanjay Dutt). A former national champion with YMC Wellington who doesn’t entertain anyone but is a tough nut to crack. Will this former athlete’s spirit turn out to be hope for Midi?

Starring John Abraham and Raveena Tandon in the lead roles, ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ is a film about two star-crossed lovers who go through various hardships to be together again. The movie has no commercial elements such as action scenes or massy dialogues which make it unnecessary but this does not affect your enjoyment because they keep you hooked throughout with their predictable storyline!

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The film is all about Toolsidas’ life and how he moves from one event to another. The first half of the movie has a fast-paced tempo, but after an interval things slow down as if you’re entering into some kind of trance-like state where time just stands still while Arijit sings soothing vocals that stay with us long after the cinema ends!

The characters in this film have easily recognizable qualities. The protagonist, Varun Buddhadev dominates with his impressive performance as Midi – he delivers an honest and endearing portrayal of what it feels like for someone who’s going through so many emotions at once!

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In this movie, Sanjay Dutt plays the role of a coach who tries to help Midi with her career and teach him how to win matches. He has some great lines that will make you laugh like “Jaundice ko Rajinikanth ka punch” or when he tells Totta about Mithun’s Disco King status in Bachchan sahibs full champ at (their word). The late Rajiv Kapoor did an excellent job on screen before his passing away at age 53-years old while performing as Tulsidas -an alcoholic but devoted father.

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Though he has limited screen time, the role of Midi’s brother Goti is important. Chinmay Chandraunshuh plays this annoying but funny character who does things like chaddi-throwing (instead of coin-flipping) to choose between two options; it maintains his winning expression throughout all scenes where we see him!

‘Toolsidas Junior’ is a film about an honest performance and a simple storyline. It will undoubtedly win hearts, leaving you with a smile on your face while walking out of the theatre!

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