The Wrath of God Movie Review (2022)

La Ira de Dios

The Wrath of God’ (La Ira de Dios) Netflix Movie Review – Or Wrath of Kloster?

Luciana is a young woman caught up in a web of bizarre deaths of relatives and the mounting suspicion that she may be the culprit herself.

The opening scene of The Wrath of God is an exquisite opera in which the renowned and successful author Klobster discusses his most recent work. On the top floor, Lucia, who used to be his assistant, is waiting for him. Then something happens on the third floor, and the cameras play games with us by not revealing what really happened. Just individuals are seen shouting at the top of their lungs.La Ira de Dios

Luciana has contacted Esteban Rey, who is now a journalist and formerly worked as a writer, to tell him something in person. He goes to her location, and she informs him that Kloster has been searching for her family for the last ten years, and no one will believe her. Later in the film, why he was doing that will be explained.

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The question that frequently occurred to my mind was: Is Kloster genuinely doing this? What is he hoping to accomplish with it all? Is Luciana pulling the strings? Have you been lied to from the start? I juggled with these issues and those who want to watch will, too. There was no way to account for Kloster’s involvement in the affair. How did he manage to cover up for himself? Luciana has been fabricating tales out of her pure lunacy, cruelty, and guilt, according to him.La Ira de Dios Movie

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Is this God’s retributive justice? Is this really the anger of God? It can’t be blamed on God if Kloster is responsible for it. You may watch it if you don’t have any other fantastic crime thrillers to choose from. The film was lacking in so many ways, including suspense, a more satisfactory conclusion, and the part of Kloster could have been played in a far superior way. What is a decent thriller movie without any unexpected twists? This would be an obvious answer.

The way the film was presented was excellent. It was moving in reverse. Certain things were shown twice to remind the viewers that they had previously been left on this subject. I won’t reveal who the murderer is to our readers, as that would be a spoiler. The original miniseries, The Wrath of God, is now available to stream on Netflix.


Director:Sebastián Schindel
Writers:Pablo Del TesoGuillermo Martínez(novel)Sebastián Schindel
Stars:Macarena AchagaJuan MinujínDiego Peretti

4/5 - Movie Rating!

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