The Terminal List movie review (TV Series 2022)

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The Terminal List is a new eight-episode series from Prime Video that has been getting surprisingly negative reviews. Slash Film calls it ‘offensively bad,’ and Yahoo! And TV Line labeled the show “terminally boring.” If you’re looking for a good thrill ride with some twists then this is your series. It doesn’t break any new ground or perfect the genre but it’s consistently exciting and dark enough that I was never bored while watching it! The Terminal List is not without its problems, but it’s clear that the negative review against this Amazon series was written by someone who has an ax against any show with a female lead.

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First episode date: July 1, 2022
Starring: Chris Pratt; Taylor Kitsch; Constance Wu; Jeanne Tripplehorn; Riley Keough; Patrick Schwarzenegger; Arlo Mertz
Network: Amazon Prime Video
Language: English
Directors: Antoine Fuqua, Ellen Kuras
Genres: Action, Drama

Movie Rating: 4/5

When Chris Pratt’s character, James Reece is revealed to be the only survivor of an ambushed platoon in The Terminal List he sets off on a journey to find out why they were killed. As Reece begins to suspect foul play, with the military’s claims contradicting his memories he is suffering from war-related PTSD and brain injury or actually on verge of discovering a massive conspiracy. Jack Carr’s ThepresidentialSeries is a hybrid of revenge fantasies, political conspiracies, and unreliable narrators. It’s not an easy sell for network TV but this series does well with viewers who are looking to escape into something captivating!

The Terminal List Brings the Military to Television

There is no shortage of war movies, but it’s surprising how few military-based shows exist on television. The NCIS and JAG felt less about the military than they were just police procedural and legal drama shows, while M*A*S*H was its own thing (and 50 years old). The television industry is not very kind to military shows. The Unit, Valor, and Six all had short spans of popularity compared with other TV programs about war or soldiers in general; it’s as if we’re allergic to them!

I was relieved to see the military theme prominently featured in a television show like The Terminal List, although this may be because of how politicians have made civilians shy away from discussing our armed forces. It’s a tricky subject for film studios to tackle, and many are hesitant. The American military has been maligned in many different ways over the years- some see it as justified while others don’t think there is enough evidence supporting this claim but either way you look at them they’re still a hot topic that few films or TV shows want anything too closely associated with because of all its political baggage.

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Media that is military-based often attracts criticism from both sides of the political aisle. Media simplifies, exploits, or unrealistically depicts service members’ experiences for viewers on one side but maybe glorifying combat and supporting warsewant to wage according to left-wingers who see them as promoting government-sponsored violence when it’s just reporting what happens in these cases without any bias whatsoever!

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Chris Pratt Wants Revenge in The Terminal List

There are many different responses one could have towards The Terminal List, depending on their ideology and beliefs. Beyond that though the series is an adrenaline rush with compelling action sequences filled with great performances from actors in this movie! His performance as villainous Lee Boelen in The Terminal List has been widely recognized and criticized for being too stiff, but it’s a perfect portrayal of how he felt towards his co-workers at one point.

When we meet Reece in the first act, he is a man with an accomplished military career and a high rank under his belt. But when that all falls apart at home due to personal tragedy – just as it did for so many others-Reece finds himself reduced down to one thing: revenge! The way this plays out isn’t typical superhero fare; there are no elaborate displays or grand gestures here because anyone can see how dark things have become inside of him since losing everything dear.

The first episode of The Innocent Man is expertly directed by Antoine Fuqua and based on a true story that Major had to overcome his traumatic experience in Iraq. This series will show how this war hero becomes the prime suspect when it’s revealed someone close was behind all these executions without any evidence or convincing motives for doing so – until now!

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The revenge genre does not seem to go out of style, but it does start to feel saturated after an extended period. Revenge thrillers are typically movies and can get pretty redundant with all the killing; even when you’re watching someone torture their enemy right before they kill them which happens often in these types of films (and nightmares).

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While there is some redundancy in the Terminal List, it does provide an interesting and immersive experience. The darkness works well with this series’ tone of voice as well- which can be seriously bleak at times! Pratt takes on a more serious tone in this film, which may be because he is performing his character. The actors dive deep into their roles and bring out all sides of suffering both personal pain as well as societal issues like crime scenes or pollution—to make sure you feel every second they’re onstage with us!

The Terminal List is a confusing, yet intriguing show. The audience doesn’t know if Reece was justly redeemed or framed for murder by an obsessed she-wolf with cerebral palsy who has seizures from taking pills too often (and thus cannot be trusted). This kind of gray area in his character makes it much more complex; we are forced into thinking about how other people feel toward him – do they see what happened as revenge?

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The ambivalence in the action sequences is what makes them so intense. Without it, they would just be bloodlust and nothing more; with that added weight on your chest from not knowing if Reece will ever come out alive or dead – I can’t even imagine how incredible those scenes must’ve felt for readers when this book came out!

The Terminal List is an entertaining show, though it’s also sad and somewhat depressing. Taylor Kitsch does great as one of the few friends that Reece has left in this world- he brings out both sides to their relationship with his soulful singing skills which always make you feel something when listening!

Jessica Renshaw’s performance as a journalist who alternates between believing Reece’s (Pratt) grand narrative of political conspiracies and fearing him shows how she sinks into the darkness in this show. However, it is fundamentally hers because he has taken on another persona that we know nothing about – just one that allows for maximum Funny Man points!

The Conservative Politics of The Terminal List

The Terminal List is a criticism of the military and government’s corruption, but it also contains many honors for these institutions. It discusses brotherhood as well-defined by moral values (there are discussions on violence). The novel treats war strictly from an ethical standpoint: we know when someone has done something wrong because their actions aren’t just described in terms such as “they fought” or even worse yet ‘their bullets kill’.

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Certain viewers may find the series’ sensibilities a bit off-putting, but for those looking to watch an action-packed conspiracy thriller with plenty of twists and turns this show will not disappoint. One does not need their party affiliation on display before investing time in watching it as ultimately we’re more concerned about excitement than ideology here at TV Series Guide!

The Terminal List is a resolutely conservative book, with values centered around family and the military. It’s also quite topical as it discusses what Americans need to do for their country not only to survive but thrive through tough times like these we’re experiencing right now!

The Terminal List has been the recipient of heavily critical reviews, but one could say that it’s not all bad. Chris Pratt plays a character in this show who seems aligned with its themes and the media painted him as being on board for some pretty conservative views ( garnering many gigs from people who think he’ll be perfect).

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Not the Worst Chris

It has been reported that actor Pratt attended what many have called a homophobic church and was accosted for his conservative beliefs. However, the Marvel fans want him removed from Guardians of the Galaxy because they feel he does not represent them appropriately as their captain Rocket Raccoon should be more liberal with opinions on social issues such as Spratt’s religious practices or sexuality if this were an issue at all!

The people who mock him for his speech at the MTV Awards, in which he said “God is real. God loves you.” The thing about Pratt isn’t that he’s uneducated or doesn’t know what religion means- it just goes to show how much more considerate and thoughtful this man comes off as when we take time out from being angry over something someone says on TV!

The Terminal List, like its namesake Mark Z. Pratt seems extremely conservative and closed-minded to some people (and “offensively bad” according to slash film). But on second thought; it’s much more complicated than first appears with plenty of humor thrown in for good measure! The new Prime Video series debuts July 1st so don’t miss out – you’ll be missing one helluva good time if ya do.

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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