The silencing movie review (2020)

The silencing movie review

The Silencing the film is set to be released on February 24, 2020. It stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Annabelle Wallis and was directed by Robin Pront from a Micah Ranum script. The plot follows a hunter and a sheriff as they try to discover whether or not a murderer kidnapped the hunter’s daughter several years ago.The silencing movie review


The Gwen Swanson Sanctuary is owned by alcoholic Rayburn Swanson, who named it after his kidnapped daughter. The sanctuary is a penance gesture because Gwen despised his trapper lifestyle and had vanished from his vehicle five years earlier while he was going into a store to buy booze. Cameras are used by Rayburn to keep hunters out.

Brooks is a young man with mental health difficulties who comes to live with Sheriff Alice. Alice discovers a scar on the throat of a young girl found beside a lake, as well as the point of a spear-head (marked with an “MB”) driven into a tree. Rayburn arrives to make a positive identification after learning about the body, but it isn’t Gwen. The spear was used with a unique weapon known as an atlatl, Alice learns.

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Rayburn sees a ghillie-suited individual in the woods, but when he goes to confront him, a thrown spear wounds him. He spots a black truck with the plates removed as he flees. He scratches a little ‘x’ on the fender after vandalizing it. He watches his surveillance tapes when he gets home and sees a young lady being hunted in the sanctuary by the same individual. He then returns to the sanctuary and saves the girl, Molly, before keeping her safe in an old spike trap all night. She was mute after being slashed on her throat with a similar wound to that on the dead girl. The squad returns to the cabin the next day, only to be ambushed by the hunter. Rayburn is stabbed and Molly is speared by the hunter. Alice arrives, and after seeing that Molly has been wounded, immediately suspects Rayburn until the hunter appears behind her.The silencing movie review

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Alice searches for Rayburn and runs into a bear trap he had laid, injuring her ankle. He flees in her vehicle and calls an ambulance for Molly; Alice demands Rayburn’s arrest. He flees to the home of his ex-wife, Debbie Blackhawk, and her husband, Karl Whitehorse, Chief of the local tribal police. Brooks, who is also a doctor, is arrested at the scene by Karl. After hearing the screams of his dying friend, Dr. Boone arrives to treat him. Alice vows to Molly, now in hospital care, that she will find the murderer.

Rayburn cleans out his booze, with the exception of the unopened bottle he purchased on the day Gwen vanished. Rayburn looks for the iconic vehicle and finds it. He breaks into a house and uncovers the same weapons as the murderer, as well as a collection of “missing” posters, including one regarding his daughter. When he discovers a still-living girl beneath a sheet with her throat slashed open, the killer appears and captures Rayburn by knocking him out.

Alice discovers flaws in the autopsy report written by Dr. Boone. Alice was waiting for him in his office when she noticed a photograph of the doctor wearing a necklace with the initials “MB.” Alice understands that Boone is the murderer, so she calls for backup to execute an arrest on him; Rayburn’s home, which he’d discovered.The silencing movie review

While grieving his own daughter, who was killed by a drunk driver, Boone began abducting and murdering juvenile females to “save” them from bad parents like Rayburn. Boone takes Rayburn to the wildlife sanctuary and pushes him to flee so that he can be hunted. Alice spots Rayburn on surveillance footage. Boone overpowers Bo on e, but Alice rushes in and tries to restrain him; however, he pays no attention to her and tosses Boone into one of the spike traps, fatally injuring him. As Rayburn closes in on the doctor, telling her that they are even, Alice watches as he kills Boone by throwing him into one of the spikes. Later, she’s seen in a police car listening to the radio as Dr Boone is sought by authorities.

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In the end, he destroys his last bottle of whisky in memory of his daughter. He and Gwen’s mother, Melantha Keene (Christina Cole), attend the burial of their adoptive daughter Gwen, which Molly also watches.


Directed by Robin Pront
Written by Micah Ranum
Produced by Cybill: Lui Eppich
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Annabelle Wallis
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Zahn McClarnon
Melanie Scrofano

United States
Language: English

Running time: 93 minutes

Release dates:
July 16, 2020
August 14, 2020 (United States)

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