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‘The Catholic School’ Movie Review – The Story as I Remember It Based on the Circeo Incident

Netflix released “The Catholic School” this week, but it originally came out during the Venice Film Festival in 2021. The movie is based on a novel that tells the true story of what happened at a school in Rome during the 1970s.


The film starts by painting a picture of what life was like for students in a boys-only Catholic school during the 1970s. It doesn’t shy away from showing the good and bad sides of such an environment, delving into topics such as student mindset and elitism to give audiences more insight. Even though the story ultimately focuses on three main characters, each one has their own unique plotline leading up to that point.


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Three boys – Angelo, Andrea, and Gianni – who attended the elitist Catholic school of San Leone Magno in Rome committed a crime that shocked not only their classmates but also both societies. This is based off a true event from years back, however the outside world does not know anything about the lives or backgrounds of these boys. They are still strangers to others even though they committed a terrible crime. This movie explores their lives, the places where they grew up, and then reveals the awful event as the film progresses. The film shows us the ideals of manhood that existed inside them, which influenced all of their actions.


Director: Stefano Mordini

Writers: Edoardo Albinati, Massimo Gaudioso, Luca Infascelli

Stars: Benedetta Porcaroli, Giulio Pranno, Emanuele Maria Di Stefano

Before this incident, the film has been split into timelines. The film allows the viewers to comprehend the characters better as they go through these different timelines, and their backstory and focus on the major three characters gradually get stronger. The film’s failure to properly convey its necessity for focusing on the lives of a group of children in the first half and then disregarding them in the second is one example. The second half of the movie is all about the main three characters, who will make viewers question how much time they spent with other characters and whether or not they were significant enough in this film.

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The entire atmosphere of the film is one big 70s feel, keeping the original narrative’s authenticity. Everything from the characters’ appearances to their clothing and hairstyles to the vehicles they drive screams “70s”. ‘The Catholic School’, on the other hand, may be appreciated by viewers who enjoy watching dramas or real-life tales, as well as stories focused on social issues. Because ‘The Catholic School’ belongs to all of the genres listed above, it may be classified as watchable by audiences that like to watch dramas or real-life stories. The film also explores the victims and perpetrators of this terrible tragedy at length after it occurred, which is always worth hearing. Because the entire film is based on true events, we can expect there to be a lot of triggering scenarios toward the end; however, mature audiences will appreciate it for its historical relevance.

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