Stranger Things (TV Series 2016) movie review

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Six years ago, the Duffer Brothers whipped up a perfect streaming-video dessert. The first season of “Stranger Things” was a carefully calibrated and impeccably assembled souffle that combined Gen X nostalgia with Spielbergian family melodrama for more than just sweet pop culture calories. – it had the depth to satisfy any fan looking in from outside our little pond! And while we may not have felt guilty about indulging this time around (since you can’t beat those old episodes!) I’m sure plenty of others will be willing to give these new ones a shot when they come out next year.

They say you can’t make arrests where there are no crimes to speak of, but in 1980s Indiana these young friends found themselves surrounded by mystery and intrigue. They saw suspecting that something was off-kilter among their kind while also learning about government secrets from within another group’s ranks which had been keeping them hidden all along!

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First episode date: July 15, 2016
Network: Netflix
Program creators: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer
Awards: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, MORE
Writers: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Jessie Nickson-Lopez, Justin Doble, Kate Trefry, Paul Dichter
Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Horror fiction, Thriller, Drama, Historical film

Movie Rating: 4/5

We all know that “Stranger Things” is a show about Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. But what you might not have known was how much it relies on nostalgia to make its viewers feel like they can travel back in time with Eleven and see those summers for themselves again — especially since Season 4 of this beloved series will be premiering Friday night!

What’s the problem with Season 4? The answer is not just that it lasts a lot longer than other seasons. You may find your mind wandering during nine hours of episode one, and by three-quarters way through chapter eight or so you’re ready to hang up on this tedious TV show altogether! What could be worse than wasting time watching something we don’t seem interested in at all?

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The Duffer Brothers created this show with their childhoods in mind and a nostalgic approach to pop culture ft FOOD! The problem is that when payoffs arrive the reflationary-the show has gone from lovingly echoing 1980’s touchstones (think Back To The Future)to industriously copying itself. That’s the route films take; you can tell it doesn’t want anything else but it tired formulas anymore-it even gives us clues by name-checking other movies during episodes where kids get stuck somewhere fantastic without any adults around.

The show’s new season feels like a buildup to fan service, but it mostly falls flat. Watching four teenagers ride their bikes through the Midwestern night has an automatic resonance and allows us as viewers – especially those who have grown up in this area to connect with them on some level; however, there isn’t much else going forward besides that one event which happens early into each episode/season for about five minutes at most per story arc (with regards towards drama).

The show’s writers are still trying to figure out how they can make sure that Millie Bobby Brown appears in every episode. She has been given more scenes with Dustin and Steve, but it feels like an obligation now instead of something fun or creative because viewers just want their favorite characters around as long-term fixtures on this show. The Roseanne reboot is all well and good until you realize its focus seems geared towards keeping us interested by providing familiar faces while forgetting what made them popular originally – namely.

In this new timeline, Season 4 of Stranger Things is all about the growing pains that come with adulthood. The show’s young characters have been sent to California where they must start anew and explore what it means “to be grown up.” This includes dealing with money problems like how brown can’t buy her own house anymore or realizing life isn’t always perfect which causes conflict between friends sometimes but there are ways around these issues when you’re together!

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The inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana are used to the emergence and sudden disappearances of monsters from their home: The Upside Down. Though these creatures have never been seen before by human eyes they can always be found somewhere in between reality as we know it; an otherworldly dimension where sorrows come alive at nightfall alongside fears that lurk beneath your bedcovers waiting just beyond reach until morning breaks again without remedy or hope – except one: escape! This time though will not unfold as previous instances had done– instead, there arises yet another new protagonist who seems intent on cracking all bones within range while also crushing any chance whatsoever visitors might take against him/herself.

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The tension is rising as the season draws to a close. The Hawkins crew are all still alive but it’s starting to feel like they may not be for much longer with some of their number being captured by Soviets and others unconscious after escaping from an alien ship in Indiana that crash-landed there too! But even though things seem hopeless now, don’t count out Stranger Things yet because these kids will get themselves together eventually…and fight back against those who want them gone forever!

However, the reunion is still pending when nine hours of episodes end. I’m revealing this after a close reading of Netflix’s spoiler memo and there are some great moments in between – like how Max (Sadie Sink) escapes from being griped by The Monster at midseason! The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies had a sense of humor and appeal that was missing in recent films. The teenagers were goofy but not annoying, while the action scenes kept you on your toes with creative fights between good vs evil! But this new movie just feels boring overall- there’s nothing memorable or distinctive about any part until suddenly towards the end when something surprising happens which makes up for all those tedious hours leading up to it.

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While some of the central cast members have grown as performers in six years, other than that it is still mostly just adolescents who are trying to act. The show’s timeline has only moved three years and many times this can be seen with their supposed ages because they don’t know what mature means yet! Some lines go dead during scenes where there should be more involvement from everyone involved which makes everything seem pointless until you finally get an idea about how serious things might take place if these teenagers were ever allowed access outside themselves again.

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If there is one thing that the show has in spades, it would be different performers. From a cocky D&D master to an always confused pizza delivery guy named Argyle (like his namesake from Die Hard), each character brings their unique dimension of entertainingness for us viewers! The Duffer Brothers have done an excellent job of keeping the details about their show “Stranger Things” similar while strategically shifting it too. Season 4 continues this trend by moving away from heightened, delicate emotions and humor to guilt-, dread- or body terror associated with Brian De Palma/ David Cronenberg movies respectively – all logical moves considering how great last season was!

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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