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Spider-Man: No Way Home may not be the best superhero movie ever, but it’s certainly one of the Spider-Man movies that make the most sense, especially for action. Spider-Man’s performance in the MCU, although the film feels lengthy at times with a few out-of-tone notes.

Spider-Man: No Home begins immediately after the end of the previous part, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before his death, the villain Mysterio was able to send a clip that revealed the true identity of the MCU’s Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland), and accused him of being the one who killed him – something the public only knew. known without the necessary context to clearly see Mysterio’s bluff.

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Of course, Peter was quickly placed under the scrutiny of the law, the media, and most importantly, public opinion. This got worse when it affected his attendance at MIT. So “Spider Child” turned to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a spell to erase everyone’s memories of the young hero’s true identity. And everything went awry when the magic accidentally opened the Multiverse gate that sucked the villains from the previous Spider-Man movies into the reality of the MCU.

review movie

Director: Jon Watts

Writers: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Stan Lee(based on the Marvel comic book by)

Stars: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch

Rate: 4.25/5

Compared to Eternals, Spider-Man: No Home is smaller in scale and tends to stick to the film’s premise, and this is a commendable thing. The movie knows its boundaries and capabilities very well, so it just goes to the extent that it can start, execute, and complete with all the precision of a superhero blockbuster. . Just as the youthfulness that comes with age, in a relative way, and the intimacy Tom Holland brings to the role of Spider-Man, Spider-Man: No Home also captures that youth with an energetic, fast, and scattered rhythm. very “teen” problems. As Doctor Strange admitted, “After all we’ve been through, I forgot you were just a kid.”

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Precisely as a child, Peter is concerned with matters that seem narrow compared to the heroic or grandiose ideals of his predecessors. “Little Spider” is equally impulsive. For him, the top priority is college (MIT in Peter’s case), girlfriend, best friend and respected parent, Aunt May. More broadly there were crimes in his neighborhood, but that was all. Spider-Man: No Home isn’t the first time Peter has put his personal life ahead of a hero’s duty, before Far From Home showed how serious Peter’s selfishness can be.
The “Little Spider” always needs a pushover, having previously had Iron Man Tony Stark, this time to Doctor Strange and Aunt May. Spider-Man: No Home changed that forever for Peter in the MCU by letting the teenage Spider-Man realize that his duty, who has extraordinary abilities and genius intelligence, outweighs personal interests. and ultimately, a hero is not defined by his/her ability to cast spells or acrobatics, but by sacrifices, molded from loss, and embellished with the ability to rise above dark boundaries within. Every day, try harder, with everything you have – what was taught to him by two seniors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

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It is these things that make Spider-Man: No More Home carry a special significance for the MCU’s Spider-Man, and also explain why the famous quote associated with this character – the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. – did not appear in the original MCU during “Little Spider” until now. After all, after juggling, shy stuttering, self-deprecating, impulsive and sometimes selfish, Peter Parker also matures, becomes a true hero like Tony, Aunt May saw in him.

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Spider-Man: No Home may not be great, but it’s the perfect end to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man legacy, as the character comes home, being carried and paved with pre-Spider-Man technologies. I’ve never enjoyed, and now I’m finally becoming an adult. The sad and rare thing in the movie is that every Spider-Man’s growth is associated with very expensive losses.

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Overall, Spider-Man: No Home is quite stable, with the standard of a superhero movie, blockbuster action that anyone can enjoy. As for die-hard fans, with the amount of fan-service and the reunion of the 3 Spider-Man in here, the movie is a gift for their anticipation. In addition, continuing the tradition of Marvel, the film also has two post-credits that play an important role in the expansion of the MCU.



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