“Sinam” movie review (2022) | Director: G. N. R. Kumaravelan


What would you do if your daughter was taken by a criminal? This is the question that Sub-Inspector Pari Venkat has to answer. His pregnant wife falls ill and he needs answers, so begins his investigation into getting revenge on those who wronged him – but will it cost too much for such an act of justice in this story about family values?

The late Arun Vijay’s love for cop roles is never-ending. Though he only joined the police forces in this film, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were to happen someday that his character would join them too and become an officer like many other actors before him who have played these parts!


Directed byG. N. R. Kumaravelan
Written byR. Saravanan
Produced byR. Vijayakumar
StarringArun Vijay
Palak Lalwani
CinematographyS. Gopinath
Edited byRaja Mohammad
Music byShabir
Movie Slides Pvt Ltd
Release date
  • 16 June 2022
Running time
114 minutes

With his intimidating cop persona, Arun Vijay has become one of the most sought-after actors in Telugu cinema. He’s been playing this type of role for years now and it seems like there are no other roles that can match up to him as a law enforcement official anymore!

Sinam is a film that tries to be both an intriguing thriller and a revenge tragedy. The first half has many interesting moments, but it becomes less compelling once we get into the second act where there are too many cliched scenes involving crime investigation for my taste- especially since these sections were not very engaging in any case!

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What starts as an ordinary day for SI Paari Venkat (Arun Vijay) turns into an extraordinary one when he is forced to take the Goon who was involved in a murder case, the next morning before heading off on his motorcycle ride. As it happens we also meet Pari and learn how she came across Madhangi while trying hard at building this beautiful family with their kid Bujji but things took quite some unexpected turn when tragedy struck them out of nowhere!

Movie Rating: 3/5

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The part was an orphan who had never known his parents. When he meets Madhu, the girl seems like a goddess and they fall in love quickly with no regard for social norms or expectations from others around them which leads to many unfortunate events happening against their will including tragedy for one of two people involved (Pari).

The second half of the film is all about Pari seeking revenge for his loss. He becomes more determined and sets out to find Guddu to take care of what was taken from him, even if it means killing them both! Sam’s initial setting is rather good and the mood helped us to cope with what was going on.

The emotional drama in this first half works to an extent, allowing you as a reader to get into Protagonist’s life more so than if it had been written poorly where there would be no emotion at all from start until the finish which could make things seem boring or lack empathy- something many people do not want when they’re reading stories such has sadder events occur within them themselves!

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Fortunately, as the film progresses we are left wanting for more engaging sequences that films like this should possess. Sinam is not a perfect thriller because it presents very clichéd conflict and brings in an age-old resolution to these problems with no innovation or creativity involved at all, but I won’t let those small flaws ruin my overall opinion on what will likely be one great watching experience!

The film has several stereotypes that are broken throughout its duration. The director’s attempt at breaking these particular norms in the second half falls short, however, he does manage some success with other aspects such as aesthetics and storytelling technique which we will now explore more deeply through this essay’s analysis ready!

The film is a mix of forced and mediocre scenes. Though the intention behind it may be good, many parts just don’t have any novelty to them at all they’re either too similar or extremely boring with no real spark for interest in what’s happening on screen!

His performance in this film is one of the key aspects and he does justice to emotional scenes, which come pretty early on. The stunt sequences are also something worth watching out for! The wife of Arun Vijay, Palak Lalwani has done an amazing job in the film. Though she appears only in the first half and her character revolves around that entire plot line which makes it engaging enough for viewers who want more information about how things turn out with them later on down throughout this movie!

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The background score helped to pull the audience into this film despite its flaws in the second half. The cinematography could have been better as it lacked richness and intricacy, but I feel like you’re left with an impression of what they were going for rather than feeling fully satisfied or angry after watching them!

3/5 - Movie Rating!

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