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S. A. Chandrasekhar’s Rasigan (pronunciation (help·info)) is a 1994 Indian Tamil-language romantic action film that was written and directed by him. The film features his son Vijay, who plays the young hero Devar while Sanghavi portrays the heroine Indu. The first film in which Vijay was credited with the title “Ilaya Thalapathy” (young commander-in-chief) was this one. “Bombay City Sukka Rotti,” Vijay’s debut song as a singer, was composed for the soundtrack. The movie played for 175 days in theaters and was a success at.Rasigan

Vijay lives in Ranipet with his grandmother Maruthayi, who he adores. He’s in love with Anitha, the daughter of a police officer Raghavan, despite the fact that they pretend to despise each other in front of their families. Vijay and Anitha frequently use the common terrace to cuddle and bathe together, despite Vjaya’s opposition. Raghavan is furious when he finds out about their relationship. He asks Anitha to move to Madras so that she is not near Vijay. Before leaving, he snatches up Anitha’s love letters, which were addressed to her by Vijay, and throws them in his face. Vijay discovers that all of these letters have the new address of Anitha in Madras – she.

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Vijay goes to a restaurant in Madras to get something to eat. A waiter informs him that using the upstairs restroom is not permitted. But he goes to the restroom on the second floor, where he sees an illicit porn shoot. The boy is snared by the restaurant’s manager and owner Singaara Naidu’s kid, who are both implicated in the unlawful shoot. Naidu’s son is killed in the fight, and Vijay is accused of causing the accident. Raghavan is assigned to bring Vijay to justice and sets out with a bounty on his head. Anyone who can capture Vijay will receive a reward from him.Rasigan review

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Vijay is arrested by constables Ekambaram and Karpooram while fleeing, but he escapes. Vijay and his mother flee to Guatemala, where he meets up with a friend of hers who’s currently living on an island there. The pair encounters resistance from the restaurant owner’s thugs when they arrive in town, but Vijay manages to get away by shooting his way through the compound. Ekambaram kills the restaurant manager in this sequence inadvertently, Vijay is blamed for the manager’s death as well. Vijay is eventually found by Rani, a female autorickshaw driver who used to work as a domestic helper in his house and has a crush on him, and he is taken to her home, where he reunites with Maruthayi, who believes he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Naidu’s men capture Anitha. Vijay escapes from police custody and rescues Anitha, then faces off against Naidu. Raghavan arrives just as Naidu is about to kill Vijay and kills him instead. He apologises to Vijay for everything that has happened, and he acknowledges their burgeoning relationship with Anitha.


Director: S.A. Chandrashekhar
Writers: Shoba Chandrasekar(story)S.A. Chandrashekhar(dialogue)
Stars: Thalapathy VijayGoundamaniVijay Kumar

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