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The trailer for this film is Maruthi and Gopichand at their best. These pair have been making headlines with their first-ever combination, which promises to offer an entertaining experience in every way possible!

When he realized that his conscience would not allow him to continue failing a girl, Streetaraj decided it was time for him to leave the judge’s seat.

His son Lucky (Gopichand) also takes up the law profession and becomes one of India’s most sought-after lawyers. Unlike his father, who was a ‘legal professional’ at heart; Gopi turned out to be more interested in getting rich quickly by any means necessary – this included shady deals with criminals like Karan Johar!

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Movie: Pakka Commercial
Rating: 2/5
Banner: UV Creations and GA2 Pictures
Cast: Gopichand, Raashii Khanna, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, Praveen, Saptagiri, and others
Music: Jakes Bejoy
DOP: Karm Chawla
Editor: SB Uddhav
Production Designer: Raveendar
Producer: Bunny Vass
Written and directed by: Maruthi
Release Date: July 01, 2022

Movie Rating: 4/5

Lucky is a contract accountant who moonlights as a private investigator, often working for lecherous millionaires. One day he gets called upon to help out one such client – Rao Ramesh Vishnuwardhan aka ‘Vivek’. The two soon form an alliance and become friends over their mutual love of women!

The way Gopichand performs his role or acts is the main highlight of all his work. He does comedy and action in equal proportions, which makes for some thrilling viewing! The TV serial actress Raashii Khanna fails to provide good laughs with her romantic thread between Gopichand.

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The film’s highlight has to be the performances of Selvaperiyavillage Sathyaraj and Rao Ramesh as they play their roles with care. It also offers some okay comedy from Praveen, Saptagiri (the latter being wasted), Viva Harsha, and Ajay Ghosh that you’ve seen before but it doesn’t really harm anything because there are other factors involved in making this movie enjoyable!

The film is a mess, but the songs are pretty good. There are many continuity errors in this movie that were not fixed until nearly three years after it had been released! The relationship between Gopichand and Raashii looks more like a duty than anything else.

This isn’t the type of film that will make you laugh out loud or get your heart racing. It’s just an average commercial movie with some comedy scenes thrown in there for good measure, so don’t go expecting anything groundbreaking! The movie was a huge disappointment for those who had seen the trailers and were expecting more.

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The lackadaisical attitude towards storytelling, bland dialogue especially in scenes where there is no action taking place-and patchy screenplay really let this one down!

It is clear that the film had been in production for some time, with many sequences shot or reshot as the shoot progressed. The comedy sections don’t have a natural flow from one scene to another which makes it difficult to watch at times.

The character of Rashi Khanna’s entry is an extension of her previous role in Maruthi’s film “Prati Roju panda jokes” Her comedy track reminds us of what Sreenu Vaitla did when he was at the height of his career but such tracks have lost relevance today. No wonder there isn’t any laughter coming from anyone watching this movie!

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We follow Maruthi as he prays to God for success. We see a similar dialogue from Gopichand at the interval, and then in the final sequences when Rao Ramesh’s character talks about various websites with hopes they will give him good words of writing- “Give me something impressive! He seems to have been very conscious about clearing this exam with pass marks rather than telling an interesting story.

It is clear that this movie was made with skill and precision. There are some laugh-out-loud moments, as well as entertaining sections; however, do they make up for the lack of emotion? The answer would probably depend on who you ask because everyone has their own opinion about what makes a good film!

The movie “Pakka Commercial” has a very commercial tone to it. Some people may enjoy this style of storytelling, but if you want something more cohesive and consistent than what we see here – then look elsewhere! “Pakka Commercial” is not the type of film that will make you laugh until your sides hurt. It’s just routine and regular, with a few moments here or there where something interesting happens to break up what would otherwise be a boring pace!

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