Maa Punjabi Movie Review (2022)

Maa Movie Review


Maa is a Punjabi film that was released on May 6, 2022. Baljit Singh Deo directed the film, which included Gippy Grewal, Rana Ranbir, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Aarushi Sharma as lead roles. Divya Dutta, Babbal Rai, and Raghveer Boli were among the other notable stars who joined in for Maa.

Maa Movie Review


‘Maa’ is the story of Manjeet Kaur (Divya Dutta) and her two sons, Jora (Gippy Grewal) and Taqdeer (Babbal Rai). Though Jora is Manjeet’s adopted son, she does not treat him any differently. Similarly, Jora is a perfect son and brother whom any family can desire. Both Jora and Taqdeer loved their mother unconditionally as kids; however, things begin to change over time.

Taqdeer’s busy schedule with school, sports, and his passionate relationship with Sargi (Aarushi Sharma) leaves little time for him. Manjeet’s heart yearns to communicate with her son; she wants to hold him the same way she used to when he was a kid, but she understands that Taqdeer has grown too big for her arms. In contrast, Jora’s bond with his mother and brother grows stronger and closer every day.

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Their relatives, on the other hand, are a danger. They go to any lengths to harm Manjeet’s family. They try to sabotage Taqdeer’s career and devise ruthless plans for his assassination. However, do they succeed in their attacks or not? That is something that emerges during the finale and we are not going to give you any spoilers here.

Nonetheless, we’ll discuss the film’s impact, the actors’ performances, and the music.

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The narrative has certainly been filled with the most touchy components. Though the script is heavy on feelings, it does not stray from reality. Rana Ranbir has taken real-life events as his basis. He demonstrated how a mother never refuses to look at her child, no matter how advanced he is to take flight on his own.

The opening 25 minutes, in which the romantic interest is introduced, are both lovely and sad. The closing scene is also very touching because it all comes to an end. In addition, there is a small love story in the script that tugged at my heartstrings immediately. And this love tale isn’t about Taqdeer and Sargi; it’s about Parghat and Manjeet, the parents of the protagonist.

Parghat and Manjeet’s love story is a lovely dream. He understands even the unspoken sentiments, while she can also read his mind. They act as a strong couple that may conquer the entire world with their love and innocent hearts combined. The second portion of the film depicts their tale, which lasts for a few seconds but leaves an impression because to its great love and purity.

We turn now to the cast of the film. In one regard, where each character has been developed with great care, on the other hand, each actor has done justice to their roles. We’ll start with Divya Dutta’s main lead Manjeet Kaur a.k.a Divya Dutta. The seasoned actress has once again demonstrated her mettle. She played a fierce woman with a heart of gold who exhibited tremendous strength as she changed from being a soft-hearted mother to becoming a tigress in battle.

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We cannot overlook the fantastic job done by Babbal Rai and Gippy Grewal as brothers in this film. Gippy played a short-tempered yet good kid whose existence revolves around his mother and brother. His expression of love, aggression, or remorse had an immediate effect on people’s hearts. In addition, Babbal Rai made every layer of his character accessible to the audience in a lovely way.

He shed a lot of weight and went through gruelling training to fit into the skin of an athlete, and he did an amazing job with it. And, more importantly, he got his feeling right away after playing the character. His journey as Taqdeer is interesting and motivating, from playing an uneducated son to becoming the son his mother always wished for.

In fine, though not least, other actors such as Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nirmal Rishi, Raghveer Boli, and Vadda Grewal all performed exceptionally. Though Gurpreet was only shown for a few seconds in the second half of the film, he won over the audience during those minutes. In addition to that, Raghveer Boli played a differently-abled person in the film who delivered an incredible performance. The actor has outperformed many others even in a minor role.

In general, each actor in the film sets a high standard. Now let’s speak about the music of the movie. The entire film is infused with a lot of sentimentality, therefore the music is as well. Every song in the film was appropriately placed and had enough power to touch people’s hearts. In summary, if you want to watch this motion picture, prepare your tissues.

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Movie Rating: 4.0/5

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