Lilly Rani (2022) – Review Movie


Lilly Rani Movie Review: A Potentially Good Film that Is Spoiled by Poor Execution

Movie Summary: A woman who works as a sex worker goes on a search for the father of her child, who has a rare disease.

Although Lilly Rani had potential, it ultimately failed due to many factors such as bad writing and filmmaking. The story is about a sex worker who becomes desperate to save her child from a rare medical condition. It started off strong but ended very poorly with an out-of-place twist.

Lilly Rani (2022) - Review Movie

Rani (Chaya Singh), a sex worker, learns that her kid has leukemia and sets out to find the father of her child. Rani is brave enough to approach two men she thinks are responsible for her pregnancy. Sambavamoorthi (Thambi Ramaiah), an aged policeman on the verge of retirement, and the son of a prominent politician, Minister Arputham (Jayaprakash) who will do anything to preserve his reputation, are among them. Will Rani be able to convince the actual father and save her kid in time?

Lilly Rani - Review Movie

Director: Vishnu

Writer: Vishnu

Star: Chaya Singh

Lilly Rani’s idea is unique since it addresses the complexities of a sex worker’s life. The production, treatment, and other conflict points, on the other hand, go by the wayside as the film progresses. What makes watching this movie excruciating is the technical side of it; it makes for a difficult watch for viewers. One doesn’t even get to hear the conversations properly because of the loud audio levels.

Director Vishnu Ramakrishnan’s idea to start this film as an emotional drama and end it as a quirky thriller is interesting. However, the writing is not organic and does not keep us engaged. Thambi Ramaiah and Chaya Singh both perform well together, except for her dubbing. Jayaprakash only appears in the climax and his character doesn’t have much room to perform.

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4/5 - Movie Rating!
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