kuruthi aattam movie review (2022)

kuruthi aattam movie review

Synopsis of Kuruthi Aattam: Shakthi, a hospital employee, wins the goodwill of Muthu, the kingpin’s son in Madurai. He is murdered, and he has no choice but to seek retribution for those who were responsible.

Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review: Sri Ganesh delivered a strong debut in 2017 with 8 Thotakkal, and now, nearly five years later, his second film is here. Kuruthi Aattam is an intense, raw action movie with some powerful emotional moments. Sri Ganesh has created a universe with diverse characters that not only unravel as the movie goes on, but also develop over time. Although it is not new, his considerable screenwriting talents and storylines make Kuruthi Aattam a watchable film.kuruthi aattam movie review free

Shakthi (Atharvaa), a hospital caretaker by trade, gets into a fight with Arivu (Prakash Raghavan) for insulting his buddy. As a result of this, his life is in danger since Arivu (Radhika Sarathkumar) is the son of Durai (Radha Ravi), a prominent supporter of Gandhimathi (Radhika Sarathkumar). That same event, on the other hand, earns him Muthu (Kanna Ravi), Gandhimathi’s son, as a friend. Muthu, who is also a buddy of Arivu, does everything he can to fix the problems between them and protects Shakthi when he is in danger.

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Meanwhile, we see Shakthi develop a strong connection with a little girl in the hospital named Kanmani, who has a severe viral infection. Everything goes swimmingly until Muthu’s death destroys all of Shakthi’s aspirations.

Who is to blame for Muthu’s death? Shakthi may take on the individuals who are responsible for his friend’s death and save the little girl at the same time, right?kuruthi aattam movie free

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The story and characters of Kuruthi Aattam are really fascinating. Each figure has a backstory, and the story has been written in such a way that it draws out their stories. We are introduced to several people early on in the film who it’s difficult to figure out who is related to whom. Sri Ganesh keeps us hanging until the end of the story, when he reveals each character’s backstory.

The tale of Kanmani, the little girl who is brought to a public hospital against her will, is compelling and moving. It’s a nice change of pace when we get to experience her emotions again. Her father has come to see her after years of imprisonment, only to make their lives even more difficult. Arivu is a protagonist of Polladhavan who lacks self-assurance. He has been labeled as “insane” and dismissed from society, but he does not give up. He believes that if people think he is useless, it will make him commit greater crimes.

Most action movies center on friendships, betrayal, and egoism. Kuruthi Aattam is no exception. There’s friendship, emotions, and just about everything else required for a film in the proper ratio. However, the pre-climax portions are sluggish and break the rhythm. The relationship between Muthu and Shakthi is fantastic and uplifting to watch. Radhika Sarathkumar’s portrayal of a kingpin in Madurai is strong enough to keep the audience engaged. The love sequences between Atharvaa and Vennila, played by Priya Bhavani Shankar, enhance the film’s value and don’t get in the way of its flow.

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The film’s primary USP is the stunt sequences, which truly deserve special mention. The editing, on the other hand, feels rushed and does not provide enough time for the audience to empathize with the characters. It’s like flipping a channel on television. When viewers have been prepared to see the life of a character, the director switches scenes without warning, which is in a completely different tone from the previous sequence.

Overall, Kuruthi Aattam is an okay action film that could have done much better in the second half with improved writing.


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