Koorman movie review (2022)


Dhanasekar (Rajaj), the protagonist of Koorman, lives in his 12-acre farmhouse with just his Man Friday Murugan (Bala Saravanan), German Shepherd Subbu, and girlfriend Stella (Janani) for company. Stella may be a phantom or a figment of Dhansekar’s imagination. A former police officer, he is now a weirdo — he has an unkempt appearance with a shaggy dog beard, sleeps and wakes up whenever he wants, eats in the middle of the night, barks orders at Murugan and Subbu, and talks to Stella from time to time.


But more importantly, he’s a mentalist, and his skills have made him the unofficial go-to guy for intelligence officer Raghuram (Aadukalam Naren), who is constantly worried about breaching procedure but still sends suspects to Dhanasekar’s home so that he can elicit a confession from them. That’s how he acquires a convict who is alleged to have raped and murdered his girlfriend in horrific fashion. But then the prisoner escapes. What does Dhana do now?

Richard Koorman’s death-dealing thriller, which he wrote and directed, strives to be a character-driven thriller with a strong anti-violence message. It does have a fascinating central figure, but neither the writing nor the direction are competent enough to tackle such a topic. To make matters worse, the film is anchored by an actress whose performance is all affectation.

As a result, we are given a poorly produced amateurish film with a plainly foreseeable plot (a flashback seems superfluous when we get a swiftly edited montage of what happened in the first half). Even the mystery surrounding an underground location where Dhanasekar leaves the suspects at nightfall does not surprise.

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Director B. George seems to have sensed it, which is why he throws in a lot of gore in the name of vigilante justice. This doesn’t make us feel anything except annoyance, though. Despite its short length, we become trapped with no way out at the end, similar to Dhanasekar’s victims.

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Bryan B George


Rajaji, Janani Iyer, Bala Saravanan

Movie Rating: 2.0/5

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