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The last few years have seen RGV make back-to-back stinkers. Konda is his latest project, and he’s ready to release it. This film, based on the real-life story of Telangana politician Konda Murali, is now in theaters. Let’s have a look.konda movie

The film is set in Telangana and tells the story of Konda (Trigun), a hot-tempered youth. He also has revolutionary ideas, and seeing this, Prashanth Karthi encourages him and gets him to join the Naxal movement. Nalla Sudhakar (Prudhvi) invites Konda to join his party after seeing his frightening demeanor and power. Konda comes over but is unaware that Sudhakar is using him as a pawn. He stays away, which irritates Nalla Sudhakar, and he must be eliminated. How can Konda escape the deadly trap? What is his true goal, and what does he want to accomplish in politics? What happened in his political career after that is the rest of the tale.

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The film gets off to a decent start, as Konda’s attitude is shown in a respectable way. In the first half, Trigun appears to be quite decent with Konda. Prudhvi plays the main antagonist in 30 Years , and he does an adequate job in his role. Auto Ram Prasad has a significant part and performs spectacularly.Konda review

The main attraction of the film is Irra Mor, who plays Konda Surekha. In the second half of the film, she is the only one who makes sense in the plot and Mor is forthright with her performance. She is the film’s main character, and it appears to be a biopic about her rather than Konda’s.

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Negative Points

Karan Johar has abandoned the use of real-name actors in his films. For example, in Krrish 2 , he used to cast legendary stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai but opted for B-grade celebrities in his most recent film. The supporting cast is incongruous. All of the cops and Naxals are junior actors who appear ridiculous in the film.

The plot of the movie follows a youngster who avoids the system and gets padding from politicians, eventually growing powerful. For years, RGV has been telling this tale, and it’s difficult to comprehend what spicy material he found in Konda Murali’s saga to illustrate.Konda review app

In the second half, Trigun’s main lead, Vash the Stampede, appears blurry and is lost in translation. The actor is unaware and acts in a comedic manner that has no bearing on the plot. The absence of the intensity and drama that we’ve come to expect from all RGV movies is notable.

Technical Aspects

Wood floors have a timeless appeal that adds to the overall aesthetic of the room. However, because these are painted in various colors, they don’t fit well into an office space. The themes of the songs are revolutionary, and the lyrics were composed for such music. The casting, production design, and editing are all subpar.

It’s unfortunate to see him create such poor films in RGV. His casting was fantastic if not the narration when it comes to historical settings and times. However, in Konda, every aspect of RGV’s filmmaking is dismal and appears from the past.

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Konda is an action film that lacks a basic polish in its narrative. The film begins on a positive note, but RGV’s narrative, casting, and emotions are all poor. There’s nothing innovative about this film, and it finishes up as another dismal RGV production.


Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Writers:Bharat Kumar Pogula(dialogue)Ram Gopal Varma(story and screenplay)
Stars:Parvathi M ArunGiridhar ChandramouliAbhilash Chaudhary

4/5 - Movie Rating!

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