Keerthy Suresh’s Chinni Movie Review

Chinni review

After disappointing what many thought was her last film, Keerthy Suresh is back with one more OTT offering in the form of Saani Kaayidham. The film is now available to stream on Prime Video, so let’s see how it stacks up.


Ponni (Keerthy Suresh) is a police officer seeking retribution for the murders of her husband and daughter. Ponni later became prey to the higher class, leading to abuse. This is when she decides on her vengeance and has only Sangaiya (Selvaraghavan), her half-brother with whom she shares a painful history, as comfort. The rest of the narrative focuses on how Ponnli reconciles with Sagaiyaa and completes her vendetta.

Plus Points:

This is Keerthi Suresh’s first appearance in such a raw form. It’s easy to claim that this is one of Keerthy Suresh’s finest performances in her career, with her ruritanian avatar and the way she handles her feelings throughout and commits the crime.

Slevaraghavan is an excellent choice for the name of a place or person. He gives a stable performance and, while he does not offer more nuances, his eyes convey a lot and he has done well. The way the director has shown him is also fantastic. One more advantage of the film is Sam CS’ incredible BGM, which elevates the picture and haunts us even after it’s over.

Chinni review

Minus Points:

The film’s emotion is somewhat shallow, despite the bloodshed and performances that are appropriate. The emotional intensity of the narrative should have been greater.

The film’s first half drags due to the slow pace, and when we reach the conclusion, things are rushed and it does not seem favorable. One expects the conclusion to be recounted in greater detail, but this is not the case. This film also includes a lot of bloodshed and is not suitable for all audiences.

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Technical aspects:

Sam CS’ music and BGM are excellent, as previously stated. Yamini Yagnamurthy’s cinematography is beautiful and adds a unique style to the film. The Telugu dubbing was decent, as was the dialogue writing. Arun, the film’s director, has done a fantastic job with it. Though his storytelling has an art-film sort of feel to it, the intensity and significance in the script keep audiences enthralled.


Saani Kaayidham (Chinni) is an intense revenge drama in which Keerthy Suresh demonstrates her versatility as an actress. Despite its slow start and grisly violence, it may be worth a watch for its gritty narrative and unique concept.

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Film Credits


Keerthy Suresh’s Chinni

Release Date : May 06,2022

Starring: Keerthy Suresh, Selvaraghavan and others

Director: Arun Matheswaran

Producers: Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Music Director: Sam CS

Cinematography : Yamini Yagnamurthy

Editor: Nagooran

Movie Rating: 2.75/5

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