Kantara movie review (2022) | Director: Rishab Shetty


Kantara is the story of a tribal people who, for centuries have worshiped an ancient deity. This yearning to be happy took them across lands and seas until they finally deposited their offerings at this healing stone; where it has been since then that one king found peace in giving up his kingdom so others could keep theirs without warring against each other or taking away what belongs rightfully ours!

The King’s upcoming generations are trying to take away the land by law or force, but Shiva deals with it in his own way. One example is when he prevents an illegal construction project that would’ve destroyed ancient ruins and caused pollution near one of India’s most sacred rivers- all because there were some bad plans on paper!

kantara movie banner review

Release date: September 30, 2022 (USA)
Director: Rishab Shetty
Box office: est. ₹289.5 crore
Budget: 160 million INR
Cinematography: Arvind S. Kashyap
Music by: B. Ajaneesh Loknath

The actor, Rishab Shetty fit the part of Shiva well. He used his physicality in an artistic way to represent an ancient Hindu God and he also managed various emotions for this mass hero outing which made it more interesting than before! There’s something special at the end that elevates everything up nicely.

Rishab Shetty is a one-man army in this movie. He brings an element of fun and entertainment with each action that he does, while still making sure it’s realistic when needed; which makes for something special between him and the character Shiva!

The female lead, Sapthami Gowda is alright. She has some typical heroine moments and also does well in supporting actor stuff but her role quickly becomes supported after a certain point of the second half which could have been done without because it doesn’t add anything significant to story development or characterization (for that matter). A couple of scenes where you see how emotional she gets are quite nice; they’re nicely acted too!

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The director of this movie, Rishab Shetty is not just the lead but also responsible for its direction. He brings an action-drama with a devotional touch to life by using authentic rituals from his own community as well as other cultures in India’s southwest region where he comes from and presents them on screen beautifully without being too flashy or overbearing so that people can still enjoy themselves while learning more about other cultures around them!

This opening scene is one that will bring you into the world of Kantara. It’s not only an interesting way to start off this film but also helps keep your attention focused on what comes next after such a disrupting transition from ordinary life back then into an extraordinary adventure in just seconds!

The movie is a typical mass commercial formula that one can expect from this type of entertainment. The characters are well-established and the space they inhabit has been drawn accurately as if you were looking into an alternate universe where anything could happen! I enjoyed how Kantara managed to keep true even though it might offend some people with its overuse of comedy scenes or romantic plotlines – all these elements play integral roles in making sure everything stays authentic throughout; after all what would be happening otherwise?

The film has a really intense and suspenseful atmosphere with its fast-paced narrative, which keeps you on your toes. What impresses me most about this movie is how much energy it contains without being too overwhelming or boring! The second half wasn’t as smooth compared to the first but still had plenty going for it so that my attention didn’t waver at any point during these two hours plus runtime – even when things were building up towards an exciting conclusion!

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The film is paced well and has an interesting story. There are some twists along the way that could be done more effectively, but they don’t detract from how thrilling it becomes in the later moments of this movie. Well if anything else comes up like length or lag issues (or maybe even predictable ones), then I’ll just brush them under my carpet with one extraordinary ending after another!

The movie begins with a bang and finishes nicely. There are some scenes in the middle that may be tedious for viewers, but these don’t take away from how good overall this film is!

4/5 - Movie Rating!

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