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When a young musician travels back in time to prevent the death of his mother, what happens next is something you’ll have never seen before. A small group from diverse backgrounds come together on an island where they live for one year under kingship until there’s another accident with history repeating itself yet again!

The recent Thiruchitrambalam and now Kanam movies have a protagonist who is both unable to move on from the loss of their mothers. They also share an acrimonious relationship with their respective fathers, which seems like something that will continue throughout these films as well.



Kanam got a 3.5 stars review on Times of India.
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Release date: September 8, 2022 (USA)
Director: Shree Karthick
Music composed by: Jakes Bejoy

The opening scenes of the two films are very similar to a car going on an extended road trip and someone who is distracted by their phone. But aside from these similarities, they have little else in common: one deals with themes like relationships while another focuses more on transportation issues (though it does so without any negative connotations).

Director Shreekarthick uses this setup to give us a time travel film that is loaded with some good ol’ amma sentiment and 90’s nostalgia, along the lines of what you would expect from an emotional wallop. The plot kicks in when Aadhi meets Rangi Kuttapaul (Nasser), who seems like your typical scientist until he reveals himself as one too!

When Paul learns that Aadhi had lost his mother around the same time as when he experienced Michael Roy, a partner in whatever way one may choose to see it (whether strictly professional or otherwise), dead at their failed experiment into going back through time; there is an undeniable sense of symmetry.

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After 20 years of inventing time travel, Michael finally offers Aadhi a chance to save his mother. However, there are many difficulties in traveling through the past and trying not only to change one’s life but also everyone else’s too- all without affecting what will happen later on downstream! The friends Pandi & Kathir decide that they want this for themselves so much more than anyone else could ever deserve it… But can he make them believe?

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The time travel films that are out there in the market have a certain something special about them. They involve wishing for fulfillment and nostalgia, because who doesn’t want to go back into their past or see how things used to be before? Shreekarthick understands this all too well–his film doesn’t overdo it with unnecessary emotions by giving us just one scene where three friends get emotional while watching an old Nirma commercial on TV ( Smile). With this clever trick, the director transport certain characters from past to present without disrupting their timelines. The addition of some fresh elements makes for an entertaining time travel narrative that’s fun to follow!

The emotional bond between a mother and her son is the driving force in this film. It’s not just two actors who have great onscreen chemistry together, but they also make you feel what these characters go through with their convincing performances! The warmth and longing exuded by Amala (who is returning to Tamil films after three decades) make her character come alive. While Sharwa’s expression when he gets the chance at tasting his mother’s food again stands out as an especially memorable moment in this film.

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Kathir’s and Pandi’s subplots are an excellent way to add some light-heartedness to the story. These little adventures give us a break from all that serious business, allowing audiences both young and old alike some much-needed relief without feeling to indulge in these funny moments!

Jakes Bejoy’s lush score brilliantly elevates the emotional beats to make us feel involved in each scene. The supporting cast including Ritu Varma, who plays Adhi’s girlfriend and Ravi Raagavendhra play their parts with conviction while composer Jakes ensures that we are moved by the time our protagonist gets into conflict against his rivals!

3.5/5 - Movie Rating!

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