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Kaithi Film Review: A straightforward genre picture without the frills.kaithi reviewA Kaithi Story: A prisoner on parole is recruited by an injured police officer to protect a few cops as he makes his way to see his daughter. Can the convict save the day after surviving an entire gang of criminals in pursuit?kaithi review movie

Kaithi Review: Kaithi opens on a strong note, with an excellent economy. A team of cops led by Bejoy (Narain) has seized a record amount of cocaine, which is stored in a secret cell beneath the commissioner’s office. The drug mafia is able to put most of the police officer in the area under anesthesia by poisoning their beverages. To save the situation, Bejoy, who was injured, requires Dilli, a life-term prisoner who has just emerged from jail on parole and is hoping to meet his long-lost daughter for the first time. Meanwhile, a group

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Kaithi, a tense, impressively shot action thriller by Lokesh Kanagaraj (Sathyan Sooryan is the cinematographer) gives us everything we need in the first 20 minutes. The director avoids the frills and trimmings that are popular in Tamil cinema, such as songs and romance. We don’t feel spent, despite the fact that we see two hours of action (the excellent action choreography is by Anbariv). Dilli must overcome increasingly difficult tasks as he transports the cops to safety, much like in a video game. Stunts come in many forms, including a chase, a few fist fights, and just as they start to get dull, an outstanding gunfight. The fact that the whole film takes place at night adds an interesting twist to it because we don’t know what lurks in the dark.kaithi review movie 2019The gangster’s brother (Arjun Dass), the brave constable (George Mariyan), resourceful pupils, and spies in both camps as well as the expectant daughter are all interesting characters. The acting is excellent across the board. Narain provides just enough sensitivity, Dheena, as the disadvantaged young lorry owner, and Karthi’s muscular display feels like Dilli could be a slightly older version of Paruthiveeran. The film also includes a scene where he recites his backstory in a long shot. nIf there is a complaint, it’s that the film is too lengthy for its genre, with a few action sequences going overboard. But we can’t grumble too much when it comes to action movies.

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Director:Lokesh Kanagaraj
Writers:Lokesh KanagarajPon Parthiban(dialogue)Sanjeev Tiwari(hindi dialogue)

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