jana gana mana movie review (2022)

jana gana mana review

Janam Gana Mana is the first film in a series of legal drama films written by Sharis Mohammed and directed by Dijo Jose Antony. The sequel, Janam Gana Mana 2, was released on February 15, 2021. It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Suraj Venjaramoodu , and Mamta .The filming was directed by Jakes Bejoy, while the cinematography and editing were done by Sudeep Elamon and Sreejith Sarang.jana gana mana movie review (2022)

The film was released on April 28, 2022 to rave reviews and a blockbuster at the box office.The story revolves around the possible murder of Professor Saba Mariyam, a renowned and active university professor at Central University in Ramanagara. The demonstrations were eventually quelled by the police, who arrested several students and violently dispersed the crowd. The murder of Saba Mariyam sparked widespread outcry and angry demonstrations over police brutality in India. The Karnataka government was forced to appoint ACP Sajjan Kumar to investigate the death of Saba Mariyam after being promoted for its failure to do so.

jana gana mana

As Sajjan begins to investigate the case, he discovers that the girl was burned and that it was caused by four people. He apprehended them, but before he could go to court, a higher-ranking police official had intervened and removed him from the case due on his connections. A local criminal, Sajjan (Namishtha Parekh), kills a Pakistani family of three after one of the children mistakes him for an intruder while they are sleeping in their home. The parents find out and start to hunt down Sajjan, who is accused by many people as a murder. Desperate to avoid legal punishment, However, a number of human rights groups filed objections against the gathering, resulting in a lawsuit. Adv. Aravind Swaminathan, the defense counsel, revealed to the court and the entire nation that this case is part of a larger conspiracy by the Karnataka government to maintain their seat in the next election. The mastermind behind it is Sajan, says Adv. Swaminathan.

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With the help of an underground network that he had established in Kurdistan, Saddiq began a fight against his country’s occupation. In fact, Saba was murdered by a coworker whom she had accused of maltreatment to a student and who subsequently drove his automobile over her body. When this information reached his cabinet minister, Sajjan advised him to. Sajjan was arrested again, however it was discovered that he had given all of his info to Aravind through one of his colleagues in order to get out from guilt. He is seeking atonement for his sins. Sajjanss is currently incarcerated where he complains about Adv. Aravind being an outstanding police officer who fought against.jana gana mana movie review

The official release date for Jana Gana Mana is April 28, 2022. The film was previously scheduled to debut at the end of 2021, but it was delayed due to India’s COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to the Tamil and Telugu versions, the movie was also released in Malayalam.

Jana Gana Mana received excellent reviews from both critics and the public. The Times of India’s Deepa Soman gave the picture 3.5 out of 5, that “Jana Gana is for those who enjoyed a fantastic political crime thriller based on real-life events.” Mana is for people who want to think, question, and challenge like an Ordinary Man would. Pinkvilla rates it 3.5 out of 5 stars and says, A film with a social conscience about social responsibility and asking the proper questions.”Prithviraj” -starrer is a preaching and patronizing political thriller, according to The Indian Express. According to the New Indian express, “Prithviraj” — Starring Rajinikanth is an epic, high-impact political thriller.” The film premiered in the United Arab Emirates on February 5, 2019. It was rated 3 out of 5 at The Week’s Ancy K Sunny, who wrote “Suraj Venjaramoodu steals the show in a provocative political thriller about love and thinking.” Sreeju Sudhakaran of LatestLY gave the movie a rating of 3 out

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Director: Dijo Jose Antony
Writer: Sharis Mohammed
Stars: Prithviraj SukumaranSuraj VenjaramooduMamta Mohandas

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