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How to Please a Woman review

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We all know that the key to a woman’s heart is through compliments and acts of thoughtfulness. But what if there was a guide on how to please a woman? How to Please a Woman is a 2022 romantic comedy film directed and written by Renée Webster. The film stars Sally Phillips, Alexander England, Caroline Brazier, Asher Yasbincek, Erik Thomson and Ryan Johnson.

How to Please a Woman review

How to Please a Woman Review Movie

Gina (Sally Phillips) spends her days swimming in the sea off the Western Australian coast with her pals, which is the one part of her life that offers significance. Her marriage to Adrian (Cameron Daddo) is devoid of love, and Gary (Ben Mortley), her employer, places more focus on his employees’ physical appearance than their abilities.Knowing she’s in a bad mood, her friends hire her a stripper named Tom (Alexander England) for her birthday. Gina doesn’t want to cheat on her spouse, so she takes his ‘I can do anything you want for two hours’ and uses it to clean her house, which is when she comes up with the idea for a new company.

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How to Please a Woman review movie

There’s a lot to get your head around in this film, but one of the film’s major themes is how individuals who have been overlooked by society rediscover meaning in their lives. The majority of women over thirty in the movie are portrayed as non-sexual beings who play typical mother or grandmother roles. Here we see an examination of their physical wants, requirements, and bodies, even if they’ve gotten older. The film’s protagonist, Sally Phillips, is attempting to walk on slippery ground as a result of the lead line: “I’m like an otter in a sea of molasses.” When this film focuses on it, it excels. In addition to that, you’ll get a helpful Freemantle seaside location, as well as a decent supporting cast and some solid abs. That’s all you need to construct an intriguing movie.

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The film’s transition from women may desire to pay men to clean their houses to perhaps they also appreciate love is its turn. The tone and path of the movie are immediately altered from self-affirmative to self-exploration, then back again, as a result of this. Given that this is a film about prostitution, it implies that there are numerous sexual encounters throughout the duration. Some are rather docile, others are quite racy, and still others are just plain weird. To my mind, this is a film that will be too risqué for some while yet too tame for others; they were going for a safe middle ground, but I don’t think they quite achieved it.

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Furthermore, as I said, some difficulties occurred in the course of execution for me. Ben (Josh Thomson) felt like he was being neglected in a tacky way and was only included for one joke in the third act. While I understand that signposts are useful in movies, there were times when those signposts were illuminated with neon lights, which might have been dialed back a little. Finally, while I realize Covid required ADR recording in 10 studios and had to deal with ADR on location at the beaches, the final sound mix seemed incorrect in certain areas.

Finally, at what point does How to Pleasure a Woman become a must-see for you? In the end, should we suggest that you see this film? Well, I believe there is a specific target market for this movie; if you fall into that category, I think you will enjoy it. Broader than that, look: there are plenty of amusing moments in the film, but certain issues might be deal breakers.

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Renée Webster


Renée Webster


Sally Phillips, Alexander England, Caroline Brazier, Asher Yasbincek, Erik Thomson, Ryan Johnson

Movie Rating: 3.3/5

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