How to find the name of a movie you can’t remember

How to find the name of a movie you can't remember

It’s really inconvenient when something is on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t recall what it is. Names, phrases, and songs are frequently affected by this, although it appears to happen most with movie titles. After all, thousands of films are released in theaters every year (not to mention streaming sites), so it’s understandable if you don’t remember that film. Save yourself the time and effort next time and use these methods to discover that elusive film name!

How Do You Find The Title Of That Movie You Can’t Remember?

Even if you forget the title of a movie, there are numerous methods to discover it. You may look up the film’s narrative specifics, any actors you recall, or even lines from the movie itself. If that doesn’t work, your best option is to utilize a movie finder site or tool.

How To Find The Name Of A Movie You Can’t Remember

Name The Actors

Searching for a film title is often as simple as searching for the actors who appeared in it. To check out their filmography, go to Wikipedia or IMDb and look up an actor’s page. You should be able to find what you’re looking for there.

This also works even if you don’t recall the actor’s name – as long as you’re aware of another film they were in. If you’re more familiar with the director than the actors, use that information to narrow down your search.

Remember As Many Plot Details As Possible

Unfortunately, not all movies have actors you recognize. So if you can’t look it up using an actor’s name, the next best thing is to recall as many scenes as possible. Do you remember a specific dialogue or narrative thread? Google plot keywords and see whether any of them lists your desired film.

The science behind this approach is sound. If you see a film in an IMAX theatre, look for one with a 3D version. You may recall colors, editing techniques, and other niceties as well.

For example, you may search for “movie kidnapping daughter” in a film about a kidnap. You’ll get options like Taken, Prisoners, and Stolen. This works for most genres.


Scroll Through Netflix Or IMDb

Most people will be able to find the movie they were looking for using the first technique, but there are still a few situations where it does not work. Perhaps there are just too many similar films or your keywords were insufficiently precise.

Look for a recommendation on IMDb or Netflix’s related movies if you can’t find it elsewhere. Look up a film with a comparable genre or theme and then scroll down to see comparable suggestions. It’s not the most effective approach, but it has worked on rare occasions.

The IMDb website is a treasure trove of information for movie fans. For example, you may search for movies by title and see what the top keywords are to determine whether these terms may be used in your trailer. You can also do an advanced title search where you can input specific facts about the film, such as its director, subject matter or issue addressed by it, and more. Their keyword list might help you discover films with a certain theme. These tools are the best friend of any forgetful movie buff!

Use A Movie Finder Website

Finally, you may use a movie finder website or forum to take advantage of the internet’s power. You can discover the name of a film by a scene or a few details with these tools!

There are also internet forums or online communities devoted to calamities like these – simply post in one of those channels, and you’ll receive dozens of helpful suggestions from kind internet strangers. You’ll also get a lot of recommendations for future films even if you don’t find the right film!

What Was The Name Of That Movie? Movie Search Websites/Tools


Tip Of My Tongue (TOMT) is not really a movie finder community, technically. You can discuss anything — music, video games, quotations, art, historical figures, words, ideas—you name it. Of course, many people use it to look for long-lost movies with titles that elude them.


What Was The Thing?

What was the think?‘ is yet another generic online group accessible through Facebook, similar to TOMT. You’ll need to join the group, but after that you may post and participate in lively discussions about whatever it was. The group includes a lot of individuals from all around the world, so there’s a good chance you’ll get it right.

What Is My Movie

If all else fails, there’s always What Is My Movie. This helpful tool generates a list of movies based on your keywords (which may be directors, actors, genres, or even descriptions). You can also utilize it to just get suggestions!

Name That Movie

It may be extremely frustrating to forget the title of a movie, but there are a number of options. Everything you’ll need is in your hand – all you have to do now is figure out which websites or forums to visit.

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