Heropanti 2 Movie Review

Heropanti 2 Review

Herpanti 2 Urvashi is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Ahmed Khan, written by Rajat Arora and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala for Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. Herpanti is a continuation of the 2014 film Herpanti. It includes Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Tara Sutaria.Heropanti 2 Review MovieRJ is a bartender from Yorkshire who lives with his mother Hema. When Inaaya, a self-made richwoman from the gaming industry, meets RJ and accuses him of being her ex-boyfriend Babloo Ranawat, he leaves for an interview. RJ makes it clear that they are strangers to each other. Inaaya had a gut feeling that something was wrong. Babloo is a notorious hacker who has been hired by CBI officer Azaad Khan to assist them in stopping Laila, a psychopompic magician and cybercriminal, from carrying out her plans. An app called DataCab stole users’ data while also illegally withdrawing money from their.Heropanti 2 Movie Review

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Babloo infiltrates Laila’s gang by manipulating Laila’s older sister Inaaya and gains a favorable impression of Laila, who is also attracted to the money he’s offering and betrays Azaad, but he quickly discovers that the latter is attempting to ruin his life when he meets an ambulance driver’s wife. Hema discovers that her spouse has been saving money for his nephew’s education and their goals, but he learns that their bank account had been hacked and the cash was missing. As a result, the driver took his own life. Because of guilt, Babloo rejoined Azaad and subjugated his followers while also eliminating the app’s transactions.Heropanti 2 Free Review Movie

Heropanti 2 Movie

In the present day, Laila learns that Babloo is hiding in Yorkshire and sends her henchmen there to look for him, but he overpowers them and feigns his death again. Inaaya learns of Laila’s wrongdoings, which she had been a part of with him during the battle.

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Director: Ahmed Khan
Writers: Rajat AroraSajid Nadiadwala(story)
Stars: Tiger ShroffNawazuddin SiddiquiTara Sutaria

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