Godse (2022) – Movie Review

Godse review Cinemahdv2

Story of Godse

The assistant superintendent of police in charge of the Vyshali (Aishwarya Lekshmi) is assigned to handle a mysterious kidnapper Godse (Satyadev Kancharana), who has taken some high-profile personalities as hostages. What was his motivation for kidnapping them, and what are his demands? As a result, the story of the Godse movie evolved.

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Godse review

Godse – Movie Review

Godse wants to teach politicians, business executives, cops and security officials a lesson as well as media moguls and other persons with power in the system. With apparent ease, he captures crooked bigwigs and hides them away. He phones up the state’s top cops and starts screaming at them. Everyone from the DGP down to Commissioners and Ministers is stunned into shocked silence or over-reaction. The entire system is panicking that it has been compelled to crawl as Godse coolly hurls ultimatums. Everyone seems to be on edge. Even a novice spy or RAW agent in actual life understands that psy ops must be used against a tough anti-social individual, but in this film, everyone just goes weak in the knees at the first opportunity.


The protagonist is played by Satyadev Kancharana. He has a goal in mind: to blackmail prominent figures. Because a high-tech hacker happened to assist him on vacation, he knows some seamy secrets about who’s who in the state government. The corrupt are terrified of him. However, he is horrible at one thing: He has no idea how to get to the point. For more than an hour, he kept the entire governmental system and audience in suspense. And when he does finally show his cards, we start to miss him perform pointless histrionics.

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The movie has a long flashback. The attempt to elicit empathy for the protagonist’s situation, his pals’, his friends’ parents’ circumstances, his wife’s position, and millions of unemployed people gets tiring. By employing flashbacks, the film raises basic issues about unemployment caused by over-employment.

Godse review Cinemahdv2

The vigilantism element and the melodrama built around the unemployment problem are cliched. You must tell a vigilante narrative in an elegant style, as ‘Vikram’ has recently done. The characters in ‘Godse’ are uni-dimensional, loud, overdramatic, or amusingly unintentional.

‘Godse’ is a routine vigilante action film in its entirety if you remove the sub-plot about unemployment (you are under-employed if you studied Engineering but are running a Kirana store). It villainizes the political class for repressing entrepreneurship in a country where millions wait for meaningless government employment for years and take anti-employment generation red-tapist decisions after becoming bureaucrats.



Gopi Ganesh


Gopi Ganesh


Nassar, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Satyadev Kancharana, Adithya Menon, Kashishh Rajput

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