Gargi movie review (2022) | Director Gautham Ramachandran


Gargi is a movie about an investigative journalist, played by Sai Pallavi. The opening stretch of the film takes place in which she’s with her colleagues at school and they see on TV that there has been another gang rape of another minor!

When her colleague tells her that there’s an apartment being shown on TV which seems to be one in their local area, she just shrugged it off. At this point all thoughts are focused inwardly; worry fills every inch of thought as Miwahtoni processes what will happen if Pazhani demands more than usual from his family now because they’re putting too many pressures on them with both demands and offers-with little time left before marriage!

Directed by

Gautham Ramachandran

Written by

Hariharan RajuGautham Ramachandran

Produced by

Ravichandran RamachandranThomas GeorgeAishwarya LekshmiGautham Ramachandran


Sai Pallavi


SraiyantiPremkrishna Akkattu

Edited by

Shafique Mohamed Ali

Music by

Govind Vasantha

Blacky, Genie & My Left Foot Productions

Distributed by

2D EntertainmentSakthi Film FactoryParamvah Studios

Release date
  • 15 July 2022





But as the next scene reveals, she has registered that something is wrong. We see this further when our protagonist reaches home and worries about her sister who hasn’t returned yet from school or work – but then moves on to talking with friends over tea before moving out again into society’s gaze which seems so eager for more victims like them!


Movie Rating: 4/5

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It is soon revealed that Gargi’s 60-year-old father Brammananda (RS Sivaji), who works as a security guard, was also among the accused of gang rape which she had heard earlier. The police are sure that he’s one of the theRapists, but his daughter is not so convinced. She reaches out to Banu Prakash (Jayaprakash), a family friend who has achieved success in court cases like this before, and trusts him enough with her father’s defense against charges that could prove grounds for execution if convicted.

The town is burning as Gargi’s family struggles with the media and public hunting them down. But, all hope isn’t lost- after knowing who her real father is; she feels less guilty for not exposing him before now because it will help in finding out more information about themselves through DNA tests! Banu Prakash is desperate to find out what happened with her dad, but she can’t do it alone.

With no one else left in the team except for Indrans Kaliyaperumal (Kaali Venkat), who has stammering too and needs someone he trusts by his side while working on this case; they’ll have their work cut out for them convincing everyone that there really wasn’t any foul play involved before time runs Out!

Gautham Ramachandran’s gripping, hard-hitting drama of a woman who is sexually assaulted and then seeks revenge on her abusers will leave you feeling like it could happen to any one of us. With excellent writing that captures the complexities involved in crimes like these–the layers within them make for an unforgettable viewing experience!

Though it is with Gargi that we travel, Gautham doesn’t stop at just showing the problems his protagonist’s family faces because of what could be a hasty arrest by police. He shows us the problems faced by police, such as trauma and compulsions. He also takes you inside a survivor’s mind to understand why she committed this crime in one way or another; he does not repeat any information told him but uses his own words when describing what happened so there are no mistakes on behalf of the reader who might make them themselves!

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The film’s narrative and scope are intricate, but Gautham manages to keep it grounded with his subtle storytelling. There are plenty of opportunities for genre-driven thrills that would have turned this movie into another high-tension drama or whodunit; however, he instead focuses on how people react when they experience emotional trauma–a more compelling aspect than mere suspenseful twists and turns (which can sometimes feel shoe leather).

The flashbacks that involve a young Gargi and her teacher, who abuses her, initially seem unnecessary additional character details. But in the end, we realize how those incidents have helped Sister Space see him for what he really is: Her father! Why else would she be so convinced? As if being female weren’t enough proof.

The final twist in this story is quite difficult to accept at first, but then we realised that it’s often hard for people who know little about crime scene analysis or forensics themselves to make judgments on who might have committed such a horrid act. The way Aishwarya Lekshmi’s character is written feels like an afterthought and her conversation with Gargi’s sister in the epilogue seems spoon-feeding that doesn’t fit at all for such a confident film expects its audience to take home a message.

Sraiyanti and Premkrishna’s visuals are so tactile that you can almost feel the coldness in your bones, while Shafique Mohamed Ali gives this film an editing style worthy of a horror movie. The score also helps to create just enough tension for what is going on throughout each scene by using eerie sounds from violin melodies or piano chords; it feels right given how serious everything becomes when Gargi needs help solving her mystery!

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In this film, Saravanan plays the father of a survivor who is consumed by both grief and horror. He’s joined on screen with Kavithalaya Krishnan as an overbearing public prosecutor; Livingston plays the security guard in the apartment next door to Brammananda(the main character). The addition of Capt Pratap brings humanity into what could have been typical cop characters!

When we are faced with Sivaji’s frailty and earnest face, it is hard not to feel sorry for him. The filmmakers deserve credit too because they cast a trans person in an important role; Dr. Sudha brings maturity as well as realism through her no-nonsense attitude towards court proceedings which helps maintain fairness among all parties involved throughout this film!

When the prosecutor makes an unsubtle remark on her gender, she responds with remarkable wit and wisdom: “I know that men are often full of themselves. And I also understand what it’s like to feel discounted by society.” In a major casting mistake, the producers failed to hire an actor who could nail Kaali Venkat’s character. The real “masterstroke” involved bringing in this underutilized supporting player for more screen time and he delivers on every level with his vulnerable yet affable charm!

The film’s namesake, “Sai” (Pallavi) is a breath of fresh air. The actress behind the character has been commended for her performance in this movie which viewers will be able to relate with on many levels due to how diverse it was from other movies released recently or even those same types seen before at times because she handled all emotions made visible through Gargi beautifully without any false notes sounding off throughout each momentous event happening within these pages! From behind her slender appearance, she makes us see the nerves of steel that Gargi possesses and roots for this character at every step.

4.3/5 - Movie Rating!

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