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Forgotten 2017 review

About the movie Forgotten

I’m relieved to hear that Kang Ha Neul, a reputable actor, is the movie’s protagonist in “Forgotten” a mystery thriller. Of course, his persona isn’t too different from his usual geeky parts; nevertheless, he continues to demonstrate his appeal in such a genre despite the tragedy that follows.

The film’s conclusion, on the other hand, dissipates its impact. It stands out because of its unusual storytelling technique that fooled me into believing what I was seeing was real when everything was just a lie to show a truth that had been missing for so long.


Story of the movie

Jin Seok (Kang Ha Neul) leaves his family home to live with his mother, father, and the older brother who had a leg disability. He has hypersensitivity but can manage it with medication.

Jin Seok sees his older brother Yoo Seok (Kim Moo Yul) kidnapped by a group of men one rainy night, and they dump him into a van before leaving. After nineteen days, Yoo Seok returns home but has no recollection of what happened to him when he went missing. Jin Seok, on the other hand, becomes suspicious of his brother after seeing some modifications in him, such as the limp on his leg vanishing. It doesn’t help that Jin Seok keeps hearing noises from the storage room where his family’s previous owner kept his possessions, making him more paranoid of his surroundings and those around him.

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Forgotten Review Movie

“Forgotten” fooled me into thinking everything was fine between Jinseok, his brother, and their family. I’d want someone like Yoo Seok as a brother too, but the overabundance of mystique surrounding him eventually gave me an uneasy sensation that something was amiss with the ideal older sibling. It wasn’t even close to being the psychotic brother I had imagined he would be. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next, it completely inverted everything I thought about.

Plus, that hidden chamber across the hall kept me on edge. We were deceived into thinking that some terrible ghost would appear from that room when it was just a flimsy prop to the real story’s setup. The film nearly became a horror tale, but I suppose they intended it to do so by bewildering us with something new. And gosh, it worked on me.

Forgotten review

When it came to the locked room and whenever Jin Seok was researching about his odd older brother who had returned, I skipped portions since I couldn’t tell what would happen next. It irritates me that I’m kept in the dark, but as I go through the whole narrative, I realize how well they handled how everything was done. To a layman, it may appear chaotic because the film didn’t begin where it should reveal the backstory, but I believe the ordering, plot construction, and writing are well-executed.

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When I found out who Jin Seok and Yoo Seok really are, since they’re not the people we think they are.

Jin Seok believes he’s still in the 1990s, when all he has to consider is passing his exams, but then reality sets in and Jin Seook is just a lonely old man who is the prime suspect for a crime committed years ago and is being dragged unwillingly and unknowingly back to his former home where he supposedly murdered a wife and child. The events of that year were re-enacted with the help of undercover cops who wanted to know what happened that night and pretended to be his family members.

According to the article, he accepted the duty from an online individual known as “Bluebeard” to murder his wife and collect his insurance money, which he believes would improve the lives of his daughter and son. He takes a chance out of pure desperation to save Jin Seok’s older brother from having surgery. That night, while making his getaway, he is seen by the young man who Jin Seok tricked into counting to 100 ten times in his room so that he could go.

Later, Jin Seok learns that his brother’s surgeon was in fact the same “Bluebeard” who had assigned him to kill his wife in exchange for money. Bluebeard finds out over the phone from his son that both his wife and daughter have been murdered. He’s overcome with sadness, and somehow he winds up fighting with Jin Seok off the hospital rooftop. Jin Seok managed to keep hold of him, but the doctor’s hand slipped, causing him to fall to his death.

After his initial arrest and conviction, Jin Seok was released from prison. Later, when the case of the mother and daughter being shot dead was finally closed and buried in the mud, a detective with a strong desire to solve the case captures Jin Seok and tortures him while forcing him to confess. According to Jin Seok’s recollection, he appears to have forgotten the terrible memory of those times. As a result of their desperate need for knowledge about reality, they developed a plan for him to believe that his family is still alive so that he can return to the crime scene later and reenact what happened that night out of sheer desperation on behalf of authority wanting answers.

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This is the initial scene, if you recall. It’s here that he’s seen in a car with his family as they relocate to their new home, which was in fact the actual crime scene. That’s why Jin Seok senses familiarity when he sees the house; it’s because he’d been there before.

Forgotten movie review

Jin Seok also picks up on something in the room, because there were people there viewing everything they were doing on a monitor screen. It was not due to ghosts. Then, when Jin Seok discovers his brother has been kidnapped, it is actually when Yoo Seok is taken by the real cops for performing an illegal investigation into an unsolved crime. He wasn’t able to return home for 19 days since he had to pull some strings to escape punishment.

When Jin Seok returned home, he had grown even more sensitive and distrusting. He was able to tell the difference between his dreams and reality, as well as comprehend the transformations in Yoo Seok. One, because he’s never been in an accident, he doesn’t have a limp. Two, because they are both trapped inside the room with no exit, Yoo Seok is working with the cops who went to their house to investigate.

When Jin Seok overheard his phony mother on the phone with Yoo Seok, discussing her observations, he felt compelled to take action. To cover up his own undercover operation, Jin Seok attempts to run away, but he is discovered. And when he was able to escape and go to the genuine police station, he found out that he isn’t actually a 20-year-old teen but rather an old man born in the 1970s who had lost his memory. It crushed him to find out this, but after regaining his memories, Jin Seok was relieved.

Yoo Seok’s admissions are a major factor in his confinement to a hospital bed, as is the fact that there were some difficulties prompting him to be confined. Yoo Seok admitting to the twisted reality of things. The fact that Yoo Seok is, in fact, Jin Seok’s son whose family perished and who was abandoned to fend for himself. He attempts to inject something into Jin Seok’s IV in order to murder him for what he’d done, but Yoo Seok changes his mind and drops the needle because he knows about an even worse man called “Bluebeard,” who caused their deaths.

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Unfortunately, Yoo Seok leaps to his death in the end as a result of guilt, and Jin Seok gives him the medicine that he was supposed to give him.

The narrative surprise and execution are both fantastic. They made a complete fool of me for the majority of the film before redeeming themselves with a harsh truth revealed in the last 30 minutes. The clever plot construction, on the other hand, becomes forgettable because to how things were resolved: everyone died.

What a horrible fate for such a young kid. The story of how he was framed, deprived of two years of his life and manipulated by someone who used him and made him waste those years while deceiving him is truly unpleasant. But what’s the worst part? This is the sort of film I despise. If it weren’t for that twist at the end and the credit flashback, my heart wouldn’t have softened toward this movie.

Forgotten 2017 review

They proceeded to show one of Jin Seok’s joyful memories when he is greeted by his family on the other side of a lake. He smiles enthusiastically at them, but then collides with a little boy who greets him and converses with him with a grin on his face. The youngster is subsequently carried away by his family, but at the same time, that youngster’s recollection of Jin Seok was quite nice. He clearly liked the younger version of Jin Seok.

However, he took away a family from Yoo Seok, the same boy Jin Seok met by the lake.

Those are the instances in which we look back and question if fate has a cruel way of allowing two people to meet twice. Once, when they were both happy. But since our poor decisions, we end up meeting these folks, once before encountered in a bad scenario later. If only those joyful times could be kept but then again destiny has its own sense of humor on us.

Overall, the film is excellent if you don’t mind tragic conclusions. The execution, plot twist, and acting are all top-notch. The movie is also capable of setting a feel that induces false expectations in the beginning, which leads to an unexpected conclusion that we will not anticipate, which is fantastic. Nonetheless, the tone of the drama is quite gloomy. It’s a clever move by the director, but I don’t think people will react to it in the same way as they did for its innovative approach, especially with so many of them dying.



Hang-jun Jang


Hang-jun Jang


Kang Ha-neul, Yeon Je Hyung, Mu-Yeol Kim, Na-ra Lee, Myung-Ryul Nam

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