Dark Winds movie review (2022)

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Dark Winds” is a meditation on Native American culture in the 1970s that’s part “True Detective,” and with its vaguely mystical vibe, it shares some DNA from David Lynch’s classic serial killer series. The story focuses around three characters who are all connected by their involvement with an ancient crime–but while one seeks revenge for past wrongdoings against his people (and soon becomes obsessed), another strives toward clarity after being framed for murder by someone he thought was friends.

The show’s producers are counting on Zahn McClarnon to bring their star-studded cast into this deeply impressive mystery series. With Robert Redford and George R Martin among them, there is no shortage of talent for the six-episode endeavor that will be making its debut later next year!

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First episode date: June 12, 2022
Program creator: Graham Roland
Genre: Psychological thriller
Language: English
Networks: AMC, AMC+

Movie Rating: 4/5

The recruit, Jim Chee is joined by a more experienced Leaphorn on their journey to find out what happened at old Fort Sill. They are warned that sometimes the best protection in this world isn’t always your gun but instead, it can come from within yourself such as integrity or wisdom which seems like an odd thing for them both considering how hardworking and dedicated each one of these guys is seems so far.

The story of “Theorns,” a painting that was supposed to be adapted from Tony Hillerman’s novels about Navajo detectives but turned out differently than expected, involves an unfound treasure and still commands the interest of one FBI agent operating in this area.

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The Leaphorns are struggling to cope with the recent death of their daughter. Every time Joe’s family history comes up, it pains him deeply in expressing how much this has impacted them all and what they’re going through emotionally for each other too hurts but helps bring some sense into our world because we need more compassion not less!

The novel’s introduction to a particular place and time makes it more memorable than the central mystery. Additionally, there are pointed reminders of past transgressions against this community such as a pregnant woman being warned about forced sterilization if she has her baby in hospital which dots throughout Dark Winds helping make certain events stand out even further!

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The latest adaptation of Don Juannetflix’s “TheRGB” serves as another solid showcase for Native-American talent in a way that has proven historically elusive in Hollywood, joining recent productions like FX series Reservation Dogs,” which stars McClarnon and features her mother alongside other well-known actors such Redford who acquired rights to Hillerman books 30 years ago before aligning with Martin finally finding a taker.)

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The last two seasons of “The Walking Dead” and Better Call Saul are coming to an end, so it’s time for AMC’s signature franchise replacement. Dark Winds could be the perfect show that takes over where those canceled TV shows leave off!

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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