Collision Movie Review (2022) | director Fabien Martorell


Collision is a story about the people in an inner-city neighborhood who live together, and how their lives are interconnected. Businessman Johan (Kirkwood), his wife Diane, and teenage daughter Zoey; all three have something important to contribute – but it isn’t just them! Crime boss Bra Sol also plays part in this collision between good versus evil as he tries hard not only to maintain control over what’s happening with his schemes while being controlled by somebody else even more so than before…

The three stories of this play will collide, as the people try to fix their lives only making it worse for everyone. There’s a father who tries desperately but can’t control his daughter anymore; there’s also an old friend that comes back into town with new intentions on what he wants from them both now and in years past-and finally we have our drug dealer trying not just hold onto everything like before.


Director: Fabien Martorell

Writer: William Gillin, Fabien Martorell, Sean Cameron Michael, Siphosethu Tshapu (Screenplay)

Cast: Langley Kirkwood, Tessa Jubber, Bonko Khoza, Mpho Sebeng, Vuyo Dabula, Zoey Sneedon, Siphesihle Vazi, Samke Makhoba

Movie Rating: 4/5

Johan is a man with dreams, who has worked tirelessly for what he believes will make his family happy. When Johans’ promotion goes to someone else and not him or even close friends like most people in this situation would be expecting it does not come as much of a surprise that there are some feelings left raw by these events but instead of quitting altogether which can often seem inevitable at times given how easily anger takes over passion.

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Johan and Diane are a very conservative couple, who love to keep their daughter in line. But Nicki has started dating an African American man against her parents’ desires- something which sparks new tension between them as well! She’s also skipping school more often than usual now that she has this boyfriend; not only does it hurt the grades but what will happen if he gets injured or killed on duty?

Johan is the local crime boss; he has Bra in his pocket. He controls all of this area, making people pay him to stay out or else risk being victimized by dark activities like assault and theft! His criminal empire stretches back years – but now we’ve seen an even darker side that will draw everyone against him: murder-for-hire (or possibly worse).

The performances in this film are strong. Langley Kirkwood shows us the non-accepting figure behind Apartheid, loyal to his family, and Vuyo Dabula as a ruthless criminal is disturbing for viewers who enjoy their films with good guy characters! The supporting cast performed well throughout to making us believe that there may be more than one motive behind every character’s actions – keeping us on our toes at all times!.

Three sets of lives come together in this story for an event that will change them all. In the first set, the crime boss and his teenage girl are brought to sell on the black market; they related to racism from both sides but struggle nonetheless when it matters most- overcoming their own beliefs while trying not to lose sight or faith in each other…
When I read something adventurous like “a side story about unrest between different nationalities” next thing you know there are some sexy times too!

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The two stories are dancing across each other, refusing to let go of their grip on what is real. One story has violence and death as part of it whereas the other tells us about people who live in harmony with one another no matter how different they may be from themselves. The movie presents an illogical view that man’s biggest problem today isn’t social justice issues or racism. There are many similarities between the stories of Theseus and Oedipus. For starters, both characters have a problem with their father not approving of his daughter’s choice for marriage- in particular when that person is an outsider who will eventually cause riots among other Greeks as well!

Collision is a movie about car chases, butt-kicking, and intrigue. As we are led to the opening credits with an action sequence in which our leads get into their respective cars for some fast driving around town – or even out onto major highways if need be! It pulls back towards more of what made them thrill us before: A tense story unfolding that only gets better as it goes along. The clash of cultures in South Africa is still very much felt, with many different sides Clashing and fighting for power.

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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