Centauro Review Movie (2022)

Centauro review

‘Intense Thriller’ Movie Review: The Centauro (2022)

Yann Gozlan, Guillaume Lemans, and Simon Moutairou (Screenplay) Jeremie Guez (Novel)

Alex Monner, Edgar Vittorino, Carlos Bardem, Begona Vargas are among the cast.

The Movie: When Rafa’s kid’s mother gets mixed up with drug dealers, he burns rubber to save her.

There may be other plot twists in the rest of the evaluation.centauro reviews netflix

Rafa finds his motorcycling career stalling, despite his ability, and he drops out of the sport. He must strive to make ends meet, as well as help his son Matteo. When Rafa finds Natalia (Vargas), the mother of his child, injured and her apartment looted.

That is, at least in part, how it should work. But the emergency situation that Natalia finds herself in is an element of surprise; she doesn’t know what’s going on and has no idea who to contact. The drug dealers’ plan to safeguard their cash-cow by making a deal with Carlos (Vittorino) fails when . Anything he can do to clear her name and keep his son safe. Making a deal in order to work off the debt over two months. Breaking into a high-risk race to smuggle narcotics.


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On the verge of breaking into professional motorsport, Rafa is a motorcyclist striving to compete at the highest level. He still works a regular job to support his child, but he is now doing so without any guilt. He reluctantly agrees to assist the drug dealer when he learns his kid is in danger. Rafa begins his journey as a drug smuggler in order to fulfill his aspirations. Travelling across national boundaries on a motorbike. Though this may jeopardize his professional prospects, it will most certainly broaden his horizon.

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Carlos is the drug dealer who threatens Rafa’s kid. He’ll have to come up with another method for smuggling his goods across the French-Spanish border. Carlos is a threatening individual, demanding either his product or money, and will not accept excuses.

Carlos has threatened to kill Nadia, the mother of Rafa’s kid. She was hiding drugs for him, and they were stolen from her. She does not know what he is doing to clear the debt, so Rafa offers assistance.centauro review movie and tv

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In the three lives his character is living, Ryan O’Neal provides a fantastic performance. The daring motorcyclist, the loving father, and the reluctant smuggler are all represented. The callous side of Edgar Vittorino is revealed in his role as a drug dealer. In addition to that, he portrays a figure from his world in the drug trade business.

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The plot in Centauro is about a motorcyclist who becomes involved with the criminal drug trade. He’s fighting for his family with the ability to enter into the world of a drug dealer. He gets involved in order to save his family from a drug dealer. To achieve, he uses his own talents as a rider and takes on a job that puts his personal future at risk.

Just like ‘Snitch,’ many hesitant drug smuggling movies, such as ‘Project X.’ We see the guy with few alternatives other than to get involved in this business. This narrative is set in the real-time period of 2017, when Israel’s sultan was trying to persuade his countrymen that they should welcome him. This might be difficult for them to comprehend because both Israeli and Arab citizens see themselves as good people whose rights must be protected. However, this line will help clarify the difference between Zionism and anti

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The overall narrative will be simple to follow, with no nonlinear ideas presented. We see a man who has no other choice in life as he creates his own destiny.


The city of Tarragona, with its energetic and varied nightlife scene, is an ideal location for your well-deserved seaside holiday. The most important sight in the city is the Roman Theatre where you can enjoy the best view of the Old Town from Barri Gòtic’s old quarter. The film will include some motorbike action, with pursuits going on across the border. The races in the circuit provide Rafa’s life, revealing his ability on a bike. In order to depict how much stress has been taken away from him, the film will employ the montage technique.


Director: Daniel Calparsoro
Writers: Yann GozlanJérémie Guez(based on the novel by)Guillaume Lemans
Stars:Àlex MonnerBegoña VargasAbraham Pérez Fernández

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