Buried In Barstow (2022) movie review

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Lifetime’s Buried in Barstow starts on a rather grim note. We get to see Angie Harmon leave the scene of the murder and through her voice-over, it is revealed that this opening sequence takes us back 20 years ago when she was just beginning life again after trying hard not to think about what happened at all these past few decades – but then “your old impatience” catches up with Hazel King as well!

The camera zooms out as we’re brought back to the present, where Hazel runs a diner with her daughter Joy (Lauren Richards) who seems more interested in branching out and moving in with her boyfriend Travis. However, their worries come true when he returns one day after bruises have appeared on his body from what looks like an argument between them.

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Director: Howard Deutch
Production design: Vaughan Edwards
Set decoration: Rebecca Leah Brent
Production company: Untitled Entertainment
Executive producers: Angie Harmon, Eric Scott Woods, Stan Spry, Monica Castellanos, Laura Notarianni, Michael Rosenberg

Movie Rating: 4/5

Hazel is the most infuriating woman on earth. She always seems to find her way out of any scrape, no matter how deep it gets! When she catches up with Travis and finds him bleeding at an unmarked grave site-well…you can guess what happens next: They end up fighting for their lives while being watched by several people who might know more than they let on (and there are plenty). The single mother also happens to be understanding enough that even though he may have done some shady things in his past; as long we’re working together now – all’s well!).

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Hazel is a hitwoman who quit after becoming pregnant with her daughter. However, when the girl falls into danger and needs protection from hired guns intent on killing them both; the mother will do anything for her little sweetheart’s safety- even if it means returning to active duty as a killer!

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Howard Deutch’s Buried in Barstow is an engaging film about a mother who will do anything to protect her daughter, but they fall short when it comes down to execution. The lack of creativity holds this movie back and makes for rather boring viewing despite its potential successes because there are some interesting ideas at play here that could’ve been developed into something much better than what we got!

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Though there is very little action in this film, it all seems to happen at the most inappropriate times. The few scenes with violence do not support Hazel’s claim that she was one of the best hitwomen ever and her past doesn’t seem like something worth exploring further than just briefly mentioning some details here or there which could have been done more effectively through oral history instead because you don’t see anything developed throughout their conversations together as if they were talking about something completely different from what happened between them!

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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