Blasted (2022) Movie Review

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The title of the Netflix film Blasted is about a bachelor party, but it doesn’t refer to anything that happens when they have too many tequila shots. No, this is a sci-fi film with ray guns and aliens, running and shooting, and jokes in what should be a high-larious melding of genres. The story is inspired by a real-life mystery: the not-quite-explained floating lights that are frequently seen in Norway’s Hessdalen valley. Thankfully, two of those morons are former laser tag champions, which is sure to come in useful.

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Blasted (2022)

Blasted Movie Review

A woodland region in central Norway. There isn’t much going on there, except for the inexplicable floating green light globs that locals believe are from outer space — or maybe it’s a completely logical scientific explanation? The film immediately provides an explanation as we see the globs take over the brains of a scientist and a YouTuber. Sebastian (Axel Boyum), a small-time hedge-fund manager who is preparing a presentation, is next shown. His friends Pelle (Eirik Hallert), a dorky guy in goofy apparel, and Audun (Mathias Luppichini), a dorky guy in tidy clothes, interrupt to inform him that they’re throwing a surprise bachelor party for him. They’ll spend the night in Hessdalen and have a blast playing board games! This is probably what happens when you’re 5,000 miles from Las Vegas and watch too many bachelor-party movies.

Blasted review

No. 1 wild card: Sebastian’s investment offer to Kasper (Andre Sorum) fails, and in a last-ditch effort, he invites Kasper, a guy who claims to enjoy having his “balls tickled,” to the party. Even more surprisingly, Kasper accepts the invitation. Now it’s up to you to keep the Kasper entertained, who I believe with the “balls” remark was implying that he’d rather have strippers and booze than jigsaw puzzles and Pass the Pigs. No. 2 Wild card: Sebastian’s fiancée surprises him by inviting Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud) to the party. Seb and Mikkel were once Europe’s greatest laser tag team, with their photo in the newspaper and everything. Seb has moved on, viewing Mikkel as an adult who still plays laser tag with 12-year-olds. As a result, there is animosity between them; especially when Mikkel packs his tag gear for the Hessdalen trip.

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It doesn’t work. Kasper shows up wearing a fuzzy bear onesie which Sebastian is compelled to wear for the remainder of the film. For an INSANE private tour of the observatory, Audun attempts to get everyone hyped. Mikkel can’t go anywhere without his laser pistol. Pelle wears a ridiculous hat. Kasper still hasn’t made a decision about an investment transaction. The group decides to go paintballing at a nearby facility, and they notice that the locals, especially those with mullets, are acting strangely: They have a green glow in their eyes and appear to be murdering people. A bored and very pregnant police officer named Hjordis (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) gets involved. When Mikkel takes aim with his laser gun and zaps the green globule right out of a person’s head, this is something straight out of kismet.

Blasted movie review

The blubber-looking aliens take control of humans and turn them into zombie-like creatures with green eyes. To save the day, Seb and his laser tag high school champion friend must fight their way through it. The exploding green aliens resemble Slimer from Ghostbusters, and the master monster alien at the end resembles a Boo from Monsters Inc who is part Jabba the Hut. Ingenious, insane creatures that won’t scare children (I don’t think.) Stakes are high in the concluding battle sequence, and we receive a lighthearted conclusion.

To put it another way, there’s a lot of action and adventure in the film, and I wasn’t left feeling bored or waiting for something to happen. There is a high degree of tension and intrigue, as well as the presence of an enemy who is right in our faces with a perplexing purpose (that’s usually how I interpret them anyhow). We are given a glimpse into Norwegian culture, humor, and some of their pasts that has not been previously shown.

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Overall, this film is a fine watch. The story is entertaining, and whether you think it could have happened or not, I leave that to your personal opinion. However, I will never return to those woods. If you like sci-fi movies, and action/adventure flicks, and want something light and enjoyable to watch, I suggest it.



Martin Sofiedal


Emanuel Nordrum


Axel Bøyum, Fredrik Skogsrud, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, André Sørum, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa

3.3/5 - Movie Rating!

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