Beast movie review (2022)

Beast 2022 movie review

The new Wolverine movie review: The X-Men hero has a darker side in this mall invasion thriller that’s hampered by carelessly written dialogue.

The Purr-sation is a 2018 American psychological thriller film directed by Joe Begos. The cat woman, named Mona, journeys to New York City and discovers that her family has been replaced with cats.Beast 2022 movie

The most fascinating aspect about Beast when it was initially announced was the collaboration between director Nelson and Vijay for the first time. After leaving a significant impression with his distinctively entertaining movies such as Kolamavu Kokila and Doctor, Nelson makes a quantum leap to collaborate with Vijay, who is unquestionably one of India’s biggest celebrities. Nelson’s Die Hard-inspired invasion thriller, Beast, is his attempt to go big in terms of scope and scale, which is hampered by sluggish writing. Read on to learn more about Nelson’s transformation into Thalaivan: ‘I couldn’t stop that change,’ says Vijay.

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The film begins near Kashmir, where Veeraraghavan (Vijay), a R&AW officer, has spent the last three months preparing for an operation. At the last minute, the Indian government decides to call off the operation, but Veera elects to follow through with the original plan against his superior’s wishes. He succeeds in the objective, but the outcome leaves him psychologically devastated, forcing him to retire and return home for good. A few months later, he’s caught up in a hostage crisis at a mall. He is trapped with his girlfriend inside a shopping center while terrorist militants demand their leader (who was previously detained by Veera) be released.Beast movie review

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His first two features, released in the early 1990s, earned him widespread critical acclaim and a reputation for using dark humor. His approach to humor was fantastic in his films, and it even influenced his filmmaking style. Unfortunately, all of his comedic styles are forgotten throughout the film, which is primarily a vehicle for promoting Vijay’s career. In this attempt, the film’s well-choreographed action sequences and beautiful visuals are enough to recommend it, but Nelson’s brand of humor is sorely missed. Beast is still worth your time, albeit not as wholesomely entertaining as Nelson’s previous movies. Vijay’s one-man show is thoroughly amusing, but it isn’t enough to.Beast movie review 2022

Beast lives up to all of the pre-release buzz in bits and pieces. Vijay’s charisma shines through in the action sequences, which were highly anticipated long before release. This is Vijay’s most stylish film, but it also has the worst storytelling. This is where style outweighs substance to the point that you can’t enjoy it any longer. The film would not have disappointed at certain points if the stylish treatment was better supported by excellent writing, particularly a stronger adversary. As much as Nelson attempts to keep to his dictatorial narrative structure by introducing individuals who help the hero with her rescue mission, they are not as funny and memorable as in his previous film Doctor.


Director: Nelson Dilipkumar
Writer: Nelson Dilipkumar
Stars: Thalapathy VijayPooja HegdeK. Selvaraghavan

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