Ayngaran Movie Review (2022)

Ayngaran Movie Review (2022)

Ayngaran Movie Review: Ayngaran is well-written, but it could have been made better.

Despite the fact that Angara’s technical problems are evident, a film with a topic that incorporates human sentiments always succeeds. We sympathise and forgive the errors committed by the producers when an innocent life is on the line in a narrative. Ayngaran is one such movie, with a huge social commentary on how government incompetence to recognize talent and innovation in the nation. Ayngaran Movie Review

Although the major plot of the film has been overused in Tamil cinema, Ayngaran is performed in small parts. It’s about how a mechanical engineer develops a machine that not only saves the life of an innocent youngster but also reveals a shady heist.

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The film begins with Mathi (GV Prakash), a mechanical engineering graduate, trying to market one of his inventions. However, when he goes to a different individual in hopes of obtaining financial and technical assistance for the project, this individual rejects it, claiming that it offers no value. Rejection becomes a frequent occurrence for him wherever he goes, and Mahima Nambiar, his love interest, is the only ray of sunshine in his life. Mathi and his friend Kaali Venkat happen to go inside a poultry farm at some point in their lifetime, where they witness strange behavior. He records it and sends it viral, which has an impact on Magudi, the farm’s owner and a successful businessman.Ayngaran Movie Review trailer

On another note, we follow a gang of six individuals from the north that commit a colossal diamond heist in the city. Mathi, on the run from Magudi, accidentally comes upon this crew. Meanwhile, we are also shown that a four-year-old girl has fallen into a borewell pit on a private property, which has become an issue. The tale concludes with how Mathi’s invention solves all difficulties and completes the arc of the story.

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Despite the vagueness of the initial sequences and scene structure, Ayngaran really gets going after thirty minutes. An enjoyable and engaging non-linear storytelling technique is used in the second half, which well characterizes each individual. For example, Ravi Arasu, the film’s director, introduces a scenario (the news of a young boy trapped in a borewell pit) and then takes us on a journey to show how all the characters played their part to.

Elements such as the love sequences, on the other hand, feel pushed into the tale; they might have been avoided in a raw subject like this. All of the plotlines are resolved in the second half, giving the film more credibility. The protagonist’s conflicts with all of his foes are well developed.

Although Nayanthara’s Aramm, which was released in 2017, also discusses the same social issue, it should be noted that this film was written before Aramm.

Prakash is an excellent villain and a fantastic showcase of the direction. His acting is mature and believable. He’s a good fit for the part. The stunts, thanks to the stunt coordinators, appear realistic. The slow motion sequences during the action sequences are effective, and this is one of the film’s high points. The supporting characters, including Haresh Peradi, who plays a lecherous and greedy inspector who clashes with the Mathi’s father (Aadukalam Naren) and Siddhartha Shankar, the head of a criminal gang, do an excellent job. Mahima Nambiar also does well.

Overall, Ayngaran is a film that addresses an important topic, but it could have been made even better.

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Director:Ravi Arasu
Writer: Ravi Arasu
Stars:G.V. Prakash KumarMahima NambiarSiddhartha Shankar

4.5/5 - Movie Rating!

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