Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam Movie Review

3 ashoka vanamlo arjuna kalyanam review

The film was heavily publicized. A minor quarrel with a television network also aided considerably. The film is now available, and we’ll see how it performs.


Arjun(Vishwak Sen) is a small-time money lender in Suryapet. He is 33 years old and wants to get married. His father manages to arrange his engagement with Madhavi after much struggle. However, when the bride vanishes, the plot takes an unexpected turn. What happened to her? You must see the film on the big screen to discover the answer.

3 ashoka vanamlo arjuna kalyanam review

Plus Points:

The tale begins with a wedding love story, but the twist that follows is handled well. The feelings connected to this subject and how director Vidya Sagar manages it appear quite tidy.

Vishwak Sen has shown to be a smart actor in each film he’s made. He plays a 33-year-old single guy who is fantastic in his job. Sen’s ability to convey various emotions, such as irritation, tension, inhibition and confusion, has been effectively displayed.

In the first half, Raksaar Dhillon performs well and occupies the screen effectively. Vishwak Sen’s scenes with her have been well-planned. Vennela Kishore delivers a few laughs as an actor in this film. After a long period of time, Kadambari Kiran Kumar is given a decent part and does good work.

Rithika Naik, on the other hand, is the film’s hidden treasure. Her screen presence was basic in the first half, but her ability to shift gears and elicit nice emotions and romance is excellent. She has a fantastic screen presence for her first Telugu film. The portrayal of family problems caused by limited attention has been done very effectively.

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Minus Points:

One of the film’s major flaws is how predictable it is. Once the movie takes a significant turn, everything becomes very obvious, and you know exactly what will happen next.

The emotions in the last half of the film appear forced. Ruksaar Dhillon plays an important part, but her efforts are diluted because her method for creating a fracture in the plot has not been well-displayed.

Technical Aspects:

The high school set represents the film’s production values, which are quite good. The small town setting is well-depicted in this film, with just two or three locations hosting the action. Music by Jay Krish is excellent; the songs have been filmed very effectively.

With regard to director Vidya Sagar, he has done a good job with the film. Even though Ravi Kiran’s tale appears standard, sagar told it in a tidy way. Vidya Sagar handled family sentiments, love, and message adequately in his storytelling. If he had made the second half more dramatic, the impact would have been even greater. Nonetheless, for his first effort, his performance was acceptable.


Overall, the plot of Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam is rather predictable. However, the simple yet organized delivery and excellent performance by Vishwak Sen make this film a fun watch this weekend.

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Film Credits

3 ashoka vanamlo arjuna kalyanam review

Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam

Release Date : May 06,2022

Starring: Vishwak Sen, Rukshar Dhillon

Director: Vidya Sagar Chinta

Producers: Bapineedu B & Sudheer Edara

Music Director: Jay Krish

Cinematography : Pavi K Pavan

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Editor: Viplav Nyshadam

Movie Rating: 3.0/5

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