Ante Sundaraniki movie review (2022) | director Vivek Athreya

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The versatile actor Nani’s much-awaited film Ante Sundaraniki has created a lot of buzz for those few days as there is always something new from his side. However, after waiting so long finally the audiences can enjoy this fun movie in theaters today June 10th, 2022 with its unpredictable ending let’s know how it turned out to be good and worth watching!

Sundar Prasad(Nani) is a traditional Brahma family member who has been treated like royalty by his parents and relatives, but when he arrives in America with no money to attend college scholarship programs are available there-of course because of how crazy these people are about their blind beliefs! One day while walking through town though an amazing thing happened: Leela Thomas accidentally brushed up against Sundar’s arm. This caused them both surprise; not only did she look just as stunningly beautiful as anyone else around us–who could forget those eyes?

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Release date: June 10, 2022 (India)
Director: Vivek Athreya
Music by: Vivek Sagar
Starring: Nani; Nazriya Nazim
Production company: Mythri Movie Makers
Cinematography: Niketh Bommi

Movie Rating: 4/5

When the two lovers met, their love was declared instantly. But when it came to Sundar’s family – who were all Hindu and Leela’s Christian- they had no choice but for them not just any girl; only an orthodox one would do! And so without hesitation or delay inarakti (of course) together with a plan “unbelievable”, these two decided on something truly amazing: how best can we show our true feelings? What was this crazy idea that got us hooked until now?

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Nani is back with his style of acting and this time, he’s in an action-comedy film. The plot follows two friends who are on the run from their pasts as they go through life together trying not only to survive but also to find happiness along their journey. The movie has been compared by some people to similar films such as committing crimes which might seem like another one of those typical Indian movies you’ve seen before; however, there’re many differences between these two stories since NANI wrote each character differently resulting in something fresh yet familiar at times. We haven’t seen a clean comedy film in recent times, though there are flaws with the narrative. However, this fun-filled movie makes up for it!

The first half of the movie was hilarious, with some real laugh-out-loud moments. However, in terms of plot, there was not much happening and it became slow towards halfway through until finally settling on an emotional angle for its conclusion which surprised me because usually, dramas don’t include this kind of storytelling technique but hey what can you do? It still felt like could’ve been better than expected though.

Nani killed it as Sundar Prasad, they’re nothing to comment about his performance. His justification of a character in every film and Ante Suryaniki is perfect for a traditional brahmin boy; another brilliant role is played by Leela Thomas who gave us some cute expressions with her voice-over during this Telugu production from Nazriya’s debut effort on-screen – though you’ll have seen more than enough when watching!

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One of the most brilliant writers in the Telugu film industry, Captain Vivek Athreya has been able to create masterpieces with his unique perspective that always reflects traditional values while at times Deals sensitive topics profoundly. His recent work Ante Sundariki was no exception as he designed an interesting story for each character and dealt intricately with how they interact with one another throughout their journey which is not easy by any means!

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Technically, Ante Sundaraniki looks great thanks to Niketh Bommi’s cinematography. We can see two different visuals in this film; the world of our characters looks so warm and inviting while there is also something cold about them which sets it apart from other films – especially those that use color schemes as ours do (I think). The music by Vivek Sagar feels unique every time you hear one of his songs because he always varies what instruments are played during each track- making sure no matter how many times have seen/listened before still get pleasure out of listening again!

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4/5 - Movie Rating!

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