Anegan (2015) – Review Movie

CinemaHDv2 review Anegan

Anegan (2015) – Review movie

Ashwin and Madhumitha believe that they were lovers in a previous lifetime, and their meeting was ordained by fate. Is this true or is she merely conjuring up visions?

The setting is Burma in 1962, according to Anegan when it opens. Murugappan, a Tamil laborer, rescues Samudra, the daughter of a wealthy Burmese general, at a local fair. She falls deeply in love with him but her father is adamant against it. However, the Burmese putsch takes place, and Murugappan attempts to smuggle Samudra into India. Mallika, the girl who was in love with the lad, betrays them. The individuals leap from the boat; nevertheless, Murugappan is shot at and Samudra decides to die together with him.

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Information Anegan:

Director: K.V. Anan

Writers: K.V. Anand, D. Suresh, A.N. Balakrishnan

Stars: Dhanush, Karthik, Amyra Dastur

The tale picks up immediately after the conclusion of the previous book, with Madhumitha, a game designer in Kiran’s successful firm (with the frightening name of Tentacles), undergoing regression therapy. The deceased girl’s room is decorated with a poster of Aung San Suu Kyi, Samudra’s classmate! According to Madhu, she has encountered people from her previous life and is certain that she will encounter Murugappan in this lifetime. She does, however, in the form of Ashwin, a systems engineer working in her own firm! She begins flirting with him and forms a soft spot for her while he isn’t ready to believe in past lives.

Meanwhile, after an accident, Madhu retells a prequel to the Kaali and Kalyani tale set in Madras in 1987. Kaali is a tough guy who wins Kalyani’s heart with his purity and goodness, but she has no choice but to marry Ravikiran, a business magnate. The lovers, in their own crazy way, are happy with the results. They elope and flee to India, but they are deceived and murdered. And the murderer might be someone close to them in their present lives, primed to strike again!

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In terms of character, Karthik Hegde is terrific. When I visited India for the first time in 1993, no one knew what cricket was. If you’re not from the area, it’s easy to get lost here since there are so many local actors and actresses that everyone feels like family. Just go visit any temple and see how your preconceptions about Indian people shatter before your eyes! -> Karthuk comes across as a very mature individual who has been through thick and thin with ease. His performance as Samudra in Tamil film debut is excellent; while as Samudra and Kalyani, he’s just another pretty girl falling for charming men beneath her social station, but as perplexed Madhu he’s quite convincing

Anand has never been a director that likes to self-promote, yet here he continues to throw new elements our way – reincarnation, past life regression, illegal substances, military coups, ghosts, subterranean video games and murder. But, unlike Maattrraan, which went off the rails after a promising first half, everything here is flawless. Here, he also shows a lighter, more playful approach that we accept as true. And there is clarity in the narrative despite the chaotic story. There are numerous references to previous films, including Magadheera, Enakkul Oruvan, Cloud Atlas, and The Fountain. However, these are more due to the reincarnation motif. Individual love stories seem a little predictable and the third act becomes somewhat predictable and ineffective when Ashwin learns of his past, but Anand compensates by providing us with massive crowd scenes — such as when Dhanush brings the house down in Karthik’s scene where he mimics and mocks him, or how the bad guy is dealt with. Anegan is pure camp mixed with an extremely entertaining experience.

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Trailer Anegan:


4/5 - Movie Rating!

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