Akhanda (2021) – Movie Review

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Akhanda (2021) – Movie Review

Story: Murali Krishna and Akhanda are born on the same day, but one is destined to fulfill a mission and the other has a conflict to win. What unites these two?

review movie

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Rate: 3.4/5

Director: Boyapati Srinu

Writers: Boyapati Srinu(story), M. Rathnam(dialogue)

Stars: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal, Jagapathi Babu

Review: Director Boyapati Srinu and actor Balakrishna reunite for their third collaboration, a mass masala action film that is solely reliant on the star’s appeal. The excellent plot is diluted due to a faulty screenplay, and everyone takes a backseat for NBK (even one of his characters). The conclusion may make the star’s supporters scream “Jai Balayya” almost endlessly, but one can’t deny that Boyapati fails to deliver on what he promises.

Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is an antapur folkman who uses his income to build hospitals, throw a punch when required, but also reform factionists to care for nature and combat violence. His character is a subtle nod to Balakrishna’s new direction, in which he is willing to play a lot. Saranya (Pragya Jaiswal) is unafraid to confront corrupt police officers and dig hard into their dishonesty in her district with the help of Principal Secretary of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (Poorna). Murali and Saranya both start building a life together (after they dance weirdly on seatbelts, cross-genre lyrics to tanam and telugu taati kallu and kallu) despite spending a lot of time on how Saranya falls for Murali and how they both construct a life together (after they seatbelt flirting that is bizarre and leads nowhere).

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Murali’s long-lost twin Akhanda (Balakrishna as aghora/baba) is taken away from his family by a Baba (Jagapathi Babu) because he has a destiny to fulfil. Gajendra Sahu (Niitin Mehta), a ruthless man who owns an ashram and pretends to be a saint to cover up his crimes, is the main subject of this tale. Varada Rajulu (Srikanth), another criminal who mines uranium without permits in Nallamala, is also in the story. Saranya, Saranga’s (Rachitra) sister, has to defend her family against Akhanda’s destruction.

Akhanda 4

Balakrishna’s fans should definitely keep an eye on Akhanda, as they will only be able to kill time if they want to. It is hard to tell if this is the right film for people to come back to the theatres, as time has been long since a star performer hit the screens.

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