Aadhaar Movie Review: A mystery that is decent but could be better, jeopardized by excess melodrama

aadhaar movie review 2022

Summary of Aadhaar Movie: A man seeks help from the police after his wife goes missing a day after giving birth. What happened to her, and will he get answers?

Aadhaar Movie Review: Right from the start, we can see what kind of film Aadhaar aspires to be. It opens with a shoddily filmed car launch and Pachamuthu (Karunaas) getting out an auto with a newborn baby in his arms, before making his way over to the police station tentatively. He only wants to ask for help finding his wife Thulasi (Riythvika), who vanished suddenly the day after she gave birth. Ramnath Palanikumar directs the following scene with so much melodrama – Pachamuthu cries, the shot of the policewoman feeding the child is from behind bars, and there is continuous wailing in the background score by Srikanth Deva. We prepare ourselves for an emotionally overwrought film.

aadhaar movie review

Director: Ramnath

Writer: Ramnath

Stars: C. Arunpandian, Karunas, Riythvika Panneerselvam

If you are not conditioned by this point, Aadhaar is definitely not for you. However, if you submit to its old-fashioned, almost TV serial-like tone, the film does offer a few rewards. For one example, it manages to sustain the mystery around what happened to Thulasi until its end. Ramnath Palanikumar does this by narrating the story in non-linear fashion with clarity, jumping from past to present and back again as needed.

He also doesn’t paint characters as good or bad, making them prisoners to the situations they find themselves in. Take the case of Yusuf Bhai (Arun Pandian), a constable in the police station. In the beginning, he is helpful and guides Pachamuthu; Furthermore, later on we discover something about him that changes our perspective entirely. Saroja (Ineya) is a small-time criminal, and even the Pachamuthu-Thulasi relationship isn’t cutesy or simplified to earn our empathy. We learn that they have struggled like any other married couple with a significant age gap would have—with plenty of misunderstandings present. If anything comes across as cliche, it’s only the portrayal of a head of corporate business; we simply see him in a car wearing suit smoking pipe!

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The film contains many strengths, but it does not live up to its potential. In some scenes, the events playing out hardly make an impact on the viewers, when they should provoke a reaction instead. There are also times when we wish for the director to reduce melodrama in favor of letting us feel emotions more organically. The movie is about how those without power get abused by “the system.” If it had been quietly affecting throughout, it would have been much better overall.

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Aadhaar Movie Review

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